Birmingham NEC Event

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Last Saturday (21st March) I was lucky enough to accompany my friend to the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch / Hobbycraft event at Birmingham NEC. The lady I went with has won 2 free tickets via 'Simply Knitting' and I jumped at the opportunity of going with her.

We live roughly a 2 hour drive from the NEC at Birmingham and this was a real achievement in itself for me as I have never driven further than a 1 hour drive on a route I knew well before!

Once we got into the NEC we went straight to hall 12 for the Sewing & Fashion exhibition as that's what we were most excited about. As soon as we got there (about 9:40) we went to book onto some workshops but they were unfortunately full. So, instead, we dove straight in and went to look at the stalls. 

As well as fabrics and finishings stalls there were also stalls with fashion pieces on which you could vote for and stalls were you could simply buy peoples creations.

Throughout the hall there was also people demonstrating there skills and machinery. As seen below there was a man there making this lovely colourful fabric! I could have literally stood and watched for hours.

In with the demonstrating stalls there was Sizzix which yesterday was offering a free drop in workshop in which you could create your own felt flower coaster using the BigShotPlus. Not being a particularly big crafter myself (I love it, I just never know where to start!) I had never actually heard of a BigShot but I was really impressed. This workshop was run by two lovely ladies and I was really pleased by my finished result.

All-in-all I had such a lovely day and I would definitely recommend you catch one of these events! 

Did you go to this event? Let me know what you got!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. All items were paid with my own money other than the tickets which were won fairly via a Simply Knitting competition.


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