10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Friday, May 29, 2015

Quite recently I saw Becky from MilkBubbleTea had done a post titled '10 things I would tell my teenage self - beauty and makeup' and instantly I was drawn to it.  I love those type of posts where you are reading a list and you are sat nodding at each bullet point thinking 'that's me! how do they know?!' and this was one of them!

Now I highly suggest you hop on over and have a read yourself but for now I have decided to make my own list with a few none beauty points added in there too.  Now my first two are ones I saw on Becky's list and instantly smiled, nodded and thought 'I feel you - I've been there' so let's jump straight in and see the 10 things I would tell my younger self!

1. Your natural hair colour is best!
No other colour is going to suit your skin tone, eye colour or any other features the way your natural colour does.  That is what makes you, you!  Embrace it, don't hate it - other people pay to have their hair the same colour as yours.

2. Say No, to the bob!
You have spent so long growing your hair and getting it in good condition - don't ruin it!  If you fancy a change try a different pin up - you don't have to cut it off to switch things up.  It will only end in tears. (Side note - that hair dresser is scissor happy - run!)

3. That foundation is the wrong colour (and you don't need it anyway)
Step away from the foundation!!  Ditch the foundation - your skin will thank you for it.  If you really insist on wearing foundation please get colour matched - that shade is way too orange for you.

4. It's okay to be pale! (okay so this one I'm still working on)
Like I said earlier - no other colour is going to suit your natural features and this applies for skin tone too.  Embrace the pale and step away from the St Tropez - it doesn't look nice.  You will get the most compliments when you are just you because that is how you look best.

5. Save Save Save!
Please put some money aside.  You don't need new makeup, you don't need new clothes and you certainly do not need any more shoes!  Put some of your wages away each month and you'll thank me in the future. Being an adult is expensive and it's always nice to be a step ahead.

6. You can't make everyone like you - you are enough!
You can try and try with people but if they don't want to know, there is no persuading them.  Please don't waste precious time trying to change yourself into something you think they want - it's just not worth it.  Be yourself, find new friends - you are enough!

7. The tables will turn.
The people that try and pull you down now aren't going to get anywhere anyway (as harsh as it sounds).  Rise above it.  In a few years you will be the one with a job, living a happy life while they are sat at home miserable. In some cases these people that treat you like rubbish now will need you in the future. Karma. 

8. Just have fun!
Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.  Just enjoy being you.  If you wanna do something, do it or you'll always wonder!  Equally, don't do something just because everyone else is doing it.  Don't get caught up in everyone else's problems - just have fun.

9. It gets better - You won't feel like this forever.
That boy you just broke up with? You'll get over him!  That friend you just lost? You'll make new ones!  Life is hard now but things will look up.  Find your feet - you are only young.  There is plenty of time to find yourself.  Worrying gets you no where & time is a great healer.

10. Listen to your mum, she's right (most of the time)
Everything I have just told you?  Your mum told you first!  Listen to her because she will see things before you do.  She will tell you when your hair or makeup looks rank, when your friend is backstabber and when a boy is a 'bad-un'.  She will still comfort you when you make these mistakes and most importantly she will (very rarely) say 'I told you so'.  Appreciate it, she has been there before remember?

So there are the 10 things I would tell my younger self.  Let me know - what would you tell your younger self?


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