GHD Rose Gold Deluxe Set - Review

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Today I thought I'd do a different style of post from the ones I have been posting recently.  For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the GHD Hairdryer and Straightener set in Rose Gold from my mum and dad.  Granted this was something I had popped on my list but I was still surprised as it was quite pricey.

Now I have used GHD before for straighteners and I have even used a travel hairdryer by them but times change and this was quite a few years ago (they lasted me so well and still work now - my mum uses them!).  
GHD only released the Air Hairdryer late 2014 (as far as I'm aware) so I thought some people would like to know if it's really worth the money!  I've also heard a lot of 'GHD has gotten rubbish' etc recently so I thought it was nice to give a full review on both the items.  

So brief background information for anyone interested - GHD stands for Good Hair Day and their slogan is Good Hair Day, Every Day.  Now I'm telling you this now but I actually only found out about a month ago that that's what GHD stands for.  You learn something new every day eh?!  So GHD started out in 2001 with their well known hair straighteners and over the years have branched out to hairdryers, hair products and now even curling irons.  They have even previously collaborated with Breast Cancer Campaign where they donated £10 for every pair of the limited edition stylers that were sold to the charity and this continues to run every year!

Now let's get onto the stuff you really want to know!

GHD Rose Gold Deluxe Set 
Set includes - GHD Rose Gold Professional 1" Styler, Rose Gold GHD Air Professional Hairdryer, Protective Plate Guard and 2x Concentrator Nozzles.

Let's start with the straighteners shall we?

Pros - 
Quick heat up - literally seconds
Automatic switch off - if unused for 30 minutes
Lightweight - not at all heavy nor bulky
Curl as well as straighten
Long lasting results - hair seems to stay straight/hold a curl
Gorgeous to look at - the rose gold finish is so pretty

Cons - 
Price - not in everyones price range
Temperature can't be changed - may be a bit hot for some people

Now onto the hairdryer!

Pros - 
Quick drying - my hair now takes roughly 10 minutes to dry rather than the previous 20/25 minutes
Fully adjustable - hot, medium or cool with an extra cool boost button, fast or slow air
Long cord - the power cable is so long (3 metres) 
Ionic Technology - or to you and me reduced frizz and a sleeker blow-dry 

Cons - 
Price - again not in everyones price range
Heavy - personally I find it quite heavy/bulky to hold (not travel friendly)

As you can see for both of these items there are definitely more pros than cons.  That being said if price is a big point to consider for you, these might not be right for you.  Personally I do believe in you get what you pay for (if you can afford it obviously) and I would 100% recommend these.  Mainly because the hairdryer for me has really changed the way I style my hair - I used to not blow-dry my hair at all because it took to long but now I can actually do it and it comes out so sleek and frizz free!  As for the straighteners I have seen no change in quality - they are as good now as they was previously but I am much fonder of the rose gold design.

Where you can buy - 
US GHD - Rose Gold Styler. Link for Rose Gold Hairdryer expired.
UK GHD- No links online however you can try your local hairdressers!
Please note the Deluxe set & the single rose gold hairdryer are both available in the UK and can be found online but no longer on the UK GHD website - I have not linked anywhere other than GHD as I personally cannot vouch for the authenticity of any other retailer.  If you decide not to buy from GHD please be cautious as these items do cost a lot of money!

Let me know what your favourite hair stylers are! Do you use GHD? 

Did you enjoy this style of post?  Was it a nice change from the recent posts I have been uploading or do you prefer those?  What are your favourite blog posts to read?

Disclaimer: This post was/is not sponsored. GHD have not asked me to write this post nor do they know I am writing it. All of the mentioned products were bought and paid for by my parents and gifted to me as a Christmas Present! All opinions are my own. 


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