A Trip to Bristol

Monday, August 17, 2015

As you may or may not know I have actually just got back from a little 3 day trip to Bristol. The trip was originally just to visit some family members that live down there but we decided that to break the trip up a little bit we would do a couple of touristy things! (Please be warned we did visit Bristol Zoo and there are some photos of that - If you disagree with Zoos etc I am really sorry and I promise this will be my only post on this unless requested otherwise!)

So on our first day of the trip we stopped by the shopping mall called 'Cribbs Causeway' to have a little look as we were too early to check into our hotel and we had been in the car for about 3 and a half hours so definitely needed to stretch our legs! We only had a little walk because I dislocated my knee 10 weeks ago and am still suffering from all sorts of problems with it! But! It was here that we discovered the Shaun In The City trial!

We only managed to see 6 Shaun's while we were down there and 2 I didn't managed to get a photo of but it was really good fun and if we had have had more time and I didn't have a poorly leg we would have definitely gone to find as many as possible!

On the second day we went to the Zoo for a couple of hours but I struggled quite a lot with my leg! I originally hired a wheelchair but about quarter of the way round I got very upset because people were actually stepping over my lap to get in front of me! Parents were actually letting and even encouraging their children to barge past me to get places quicker and it all became too much - I finally decided to walk with the aid of my mum around the zoo!

 Sleeping Lions - These were the only two Lions in the enclosure and we visited them at nap time! Later on in the day we saw them moving around a lot more.

 Giant Tortoise - There were quite a lot of these great big things and they even shared their enclosure with some different reptile type animals!

Shedding it's skin


Bees working hard - These had a tube connected outside so they could leave when they wanted.

Stunning Gorillas - The one on the left was doing a puzzle for his food 

Penguins - There where so many penguins I was shocked! They were very cute though!


Meerkats - I like this picture because it looks like the Meerkats are chatting!

We finished up at the zoo a lot earlier than expected and decided to take a little drive round Bristol to see some more of the touristy things! We had a drive by Clifton Suspension Bridge and also went on the find the original Banksy painting on Fragmore Street! Unfortunately the weather wasn't great so we couldn't get out of the car but I managed to get a (blurry) picture of both from a moving car!

Other than the tourist type things you see here we just visited our family members and had a couple of meals out! All in all our trip was very lovely but I did end up crying in pain with my leg from doing a bit too much! 

Now over to you! Have you visited any of these attractions? Do you want to? Also would you like a review of the hotel/restaurant that we stayed at? (Bristol Emersons Green Premier Inn & Beefeater) or would you even like a full review of the zoo?

Disclaimer: This post was/is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. All items were paid with my own money.


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