Pre Holiday Beauty Checklist

Monday, August 10, 2015

Now I may be a little late into the Summer with this post but in a couple of days I'm heading on a city break to Bristol with my family to visit some relatives and I thought it was the perfect chance to share my pre holiday beauty checklist with you all. Now as you will see, this list isn't only good for holiday prep (both abroad and city) but would also be good for a pamper night in by yourself or with the girls! The great thing is - you can do all these things in the comfort of your own home and you don't have to spend very much either!

Step 1 - Shower Time!

Exfoliate : Get yourself a scrub (home-made or shop bought) and give your body a good scrub! Your skin is guaranteed to feel much softer and look much healthier once you've got rid of those dead skin cells!

De - fuzz : Nows the time to rid the body of any excess hair! You choose which body parts to de-fuzz and get removing! Whether you choose to shave, wax or epilate theres nothing better than silky smooth legs!

Hair : On to hair and giving you soft flowing locks! Whether you just choose a deep cleanse with an intense shampoo or go for a replenishing mask - your hair is sure to thank you for it! For masks you can either make your own, buy one or just use raw coconut oil!

Step 2 - Outside the Shower!

Moisturise : This step is guaranteed to set off your hard work you did exfoliating and de-fuzzing! This will make your skin much softer and smoother and give you a nice healthy glow!

Tan : Now this may be the time you tan lovers get your bottle of fake bake out! After the de-fuzzing and exfoliating your skin is prepped for tan! (Fake tan to replace moisturiser)

Step 3 - The Face!

Facial : Whether this is to clear your skin or just make you feel completely pampered a facial is always a great step to take! Cleanse, Mask, Tone, Serum & Moisturise your skin is guaranteed to feel fresh and holiday ready!

Brows : Now this is a step not everyone will be comfortable doing themselves but brows are another holiday prep step! Whether they just need a bit of a pluck or a complete wax and tint - your brows are a great way to frame your face even on those no makeup days!

Lashes : Lots of people enjoy to get their lashes done before they go on a holiday and I think the main reason for this is so they don't feel the need to wear mascara when away! Again not something everyone will want to do themselves but I thought I'd give it a mention for you lash lovers!

Step 4 - Everything Else!

Mani / Pedi : A great time to get your hands and feet looking lovely! A lot of the time people are more prone to getting their feet out when they're on holiday than when they're at home! A simple trim, shape and buff is often enough but a nice polish really finishes it off! Followed up by a hand and foot cream of course!

Now to wrap up this post I would just like to say it is not compulsory to do any of these things of course! If you don't want to tan then don't! Embrace the pale! If you don't enjoy painting your nails - you don't have to! Same goes for hair removal! These are just my personal preferences.

I've been researching online and read a few magazines telling people they had to get slim and toned to be poolside/holiday ready - this is not true! Be whatever you want to be! Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident! Id you don't want to do any of this then don't!

Did I miss anything? I hope not! What steps do you take to get holiday ready? Or even what are you at home pamper steps? I'd love to know!


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