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Sunday, 9 August 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag? - YouTube Video

Good Afternoon you lovely lot! 

I don't normally post on here on a Sunday as I normally just upload and post on my YouTube and Blog at the same time - 7am every Saturday morning. However I was thinking of maybe sticking to this and then also sharing my YouTube video on here on a Sunday as well? Let me know what you think!

My reasoning behind this was I know some people might not want to subscribe on YouTube but may follow my blog - this way you can catch a video as and when one takes your fancy and don't have to subscribe if you don't want to/ don't have a YouTube channel! This also adds an extra post onto my blog every week and my YouTube videos have the same theme as my blog so I thought it all tied in together nicely!

Like I say please let me know your opinions on this! If you think it's a good idea please let me know or equally if you think it will be annoying I don't mind if you tell me that as well! 

So onto this weeks video!

This week I posted a What's In My Makeup Bag video and it was a bit of a long one! In total this video was nearing on 19 minutes so definitely one to get snacks for!

In a few days I'm going on a little 'holiday' to Bristol to visit some family so I thought this fit in quite nicely as this is everything I will be taking with me in my makeup bag! (minus the brushes which I keep separate). 

So let me know if you have used any of these makeup pieces! What's in your makeup bag? 

Disclaimer: This post was/is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. All items were paid with my own money.

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