5 Things I Wish I'd Done 5 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So roughly about 5 years ago I had just finished school, started college and gotten my first job. Now I'm still only just coming up to the grand old age of 21 but there are a billion things I wish I had starting doing then instead of only just realising now. I'm sure everyone can relate to at least a couple of these but I can't help but thinking what if I had have done these things and hope that someone takes the advice I wish I had 5 years ago!
Saved My Money 
This is something I'm sure most people did but when I got my first job I got paid weekly and I would spend the whole wage packet within a few days every week. Looking back now I have nothing to show for it and I wish I had popped it in my bank for when I needed it most. I used to get just over £100 every week and had I saved even a fraction of that every week/month I would have a nice amount building up for the adult things that are creeping up on me currently like buying a house and paying for my car.

Not Taken Out Store Cards/Credit Cards
Now I'm not saying this is something you should definitely stay away from but I did not use these wisely and I'm paying for it now - literally. I got a Credit Card as soon as one was offered to me, I got a Store Card and I got a Very Account. The interest on these bad boys (if not used sensibly) is ridiculous! Thankfully I paid off my Store card as soon as I realised how stupid it was and closed my account but I'm still paying the other two off now. If you don't have actual money - don't buy it! You never know what situation you'll be in before you have had time to pay these things off.

Started My Hobby
Back when I was a teen, everything scared me. I mean most things still do but I didn't do the things I wanted to do the most because I was scared of what others may say. That is one of my biggest regrets because if this blog had have been started when I actually first wanted to do it, who knows where it could have been now? Not only that but this has brought me so many friends and so much happiness that if I had just started it sooner I would have been able to enjoy it for so much longer. Just do it, what is the worst that could happen?

Tried Harder In Education
So, first off, I didn't get too bad grades in school. I got what I needed in the relevant subjects like Maths and English and I even passed all my 'options'. That being said, I know I could have done better. Since leaving school I have undergone a NVQ in Business & Admin and passed with flying colours because I actually tried. Had I done that in school, my options now a days may have been a lot more than what they are now. School was awful but being an adult isn't any easier. Here in the UK education from the ages of 5 to 18 is free so why not make the most of it - after that you're in it alone!

Lived More
This sounds silly but I feel like the past 5 years I haven't lived life to the full. This could be a variety of things from turning down experiences to simply getting out of bed and using the day productively. I have spent days and even weeks in bed because of anxiety, I have wasted days by saying 'there is nothing to do' when really I should have been getting up and exploring, even if this was a walk around a local nature reserve or something the complete opposite like skydiving! Some people wish they had travelled more and it's pretty much the same thing. Others would kill to be able to do what you could be doing so don't waste your time, go out there and live!

So that's my 5 things I wish I had started doing 5 years ago. Obviously there is no point in dwelling too much on would have, could have, should haves but maybe something to note whether you are in your teens or whether you're in your 50's. There is no better time to start than now because if not now, then when?


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