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Saturday, September 12, 2015

As you should know by now, from the many #HBAlPorto posts I have swamped you all with, I recently attended a blogger meet up and came out with some amazing goodie bags! In these bags were amazing items from tonnes of different brands - there was everything from fashion to food! Included in our lovely goodie bags was a piece from John Greed Jewellery. I was so surprised! 

The piece came in this very sleek matte black envelope/pouch with very simple branding on the front. I really like this packaging as I think it looks so stylish and up to date - it really lets the product speak for itself!

Inside the packaging was a small tissue paper package which again was in the simple black and white design which is lovely and fuss free! Along with the John Green product came a social media card as well as a business card and a promotion card!

Now onto the actual bracelet! I got this lovely mint/grey kind of coloured fabric bracelet with silver detailing*! The charm is this delicate peace symbol and there are also some small silver beads running along it. I'm definitely a fan of delicate jewellery in comparison to more statement pieces so this certainly did not disappoint!

This is where my photos start getting a bit awkward so I apologise for that in advance! Photographing jewellery is harder than it looks! 

So, this piece is actually from the John Greed brand itself but they also stock other big brands such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Links of London to name a few! They stock jewellery for both men and woman and sell necklaces, watches and everything in between.

This part is the fastening which is easy adjustable. This is a good idea so there is no messing around needing to get the length changed or anything like that - you simply put it on your wrist and pull the two cords at the same time to adjust the bracelet to the size you want it. 

As you can see this bracelet is absolutely stunning and so dainty! This piece looks amazing on it's own but would look equally nice with some similar pieces from the brand layered! 

I think these would make stunning gifts for anyone and would also make really nice bridesmaid jewellery for that little added touch! Unfortunately this specific piece is not currently available on the website but there are many similar items to choose from ranging from a small budget to a large one!

John Greed can be found at : Website Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer - This post and all other Hull Bloggers Al Porto posts are not/is not /was not sponsored. Some items at the event were kindly gifted to us and in this instance will be marked with an * to show this. As mentioned above, in this case John Greed Jewellery kindly supplied each of us with an item for our goodie bags.


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