#HBAlPorto - Magnitone Lucid 7 Day Challenge & Review

Saturday, September 19, 2015

So this post is going to be a bit of a scary one to publish, I can tell already but I thought this was going to be a good one to do. At the #HBAlPorto event (which I know, I have mentioned a billion times already) I was lucky enough to win the Limited Edition Pixie Lott Magnitone Lucid in Hot Pink and I was ecstatic! I have wanted one of these face brush type things for quite a while now as I struggle quite a lot with my skin so this was the perfect prize for me!

When I got it home I was having a look through the box and things (not before taking pictures of course) and I read about the Magnitone 7 day challenge which is a 'promise' from Magnitone that you will see skin benefits in as little as 7 days! As I have never used a face brush before, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to see if this products really works and share my results with you at the end!

So it's as simple as that really, I'm going to share with you my before and after pictures as well as give you a run down day by day throughout the week! We can see the results together! Hope you enjoy!


Day One

So this was my first ever use of the Magnitone and I have to say the experience was quite strange. The time seemed to go very quickly and it almost didn't feel long enough - I'm not sure if this was due to me not really knowing where to start or which bit of my face to go to next though. Either way, once the minute was up there was no redness or irritation and my face did appear to look quite glowing/naturally glowing. The parts of my face that were blemish free seemed to be a lot softer already and there were noticeably fewer black heads on my nose. All in all it was quite pleasant to use!

Day Two

Again, today I found I haven't quite got the timing thing quite down. It seemed like the time was over so quickly and I was panicking about which part of my face to do next! Afterwards my face looked nice and glowing with no irritation. That being said, my blemishes appeared quite a lot redder than normal but when I woke up the next day (day 3) these had gone right down and my skin looked a lot clearer! Again quite enjoyable to use and I will continue to see how it works!

Day Three

Today was when everything started to turn around I think! I was a lot better at time management when using the magnitone and knew where to go next. My whole face seems remarkably clearer after this use and blemishes didn't seem aggrivated or red. I'm quickly becoming quite excited to finish this 7 day challenge because I actually feel like it's actually going to make a big difference! Fingers crossed!

Day Four

Not an awful lot to tell today. Again the Magnitone was a lot easier to use and I feel I managed the time well.  My skin felt nicer after in general and I think my skin is definitely looking clearer all in all. This week does seem to be dragging however and I think once this challenge is over I would be inclined to use this only every other day. Right now it's working fine but I feel if I was blemish free it would maybe just aggravate my skin so would be better for a once/twice a week extra to unclog my pores.

Day Five

So only a couple more days left! I have noticed that my skin seem almost drier since using the Magnitone but I feel that's what is helping my skin. For example, the only blemishes on my skin now are dry patches where spots have been and I'm noticing that my skin is a bit flaky. That being said I think the dryness is my skin getting rid of the bad stuff and then underneath should be a lot better. Not much more to say in terms of use - still using time well and finding it easier as the days go on although I'm not sure how much more improvement there will be in the next couple of days.

Day Six

I couldn't be happier that this trial is nearly over as awful as it sounds. I've been feeling so lazy recently and the idea of standing and brushing my face on an evening is draining! That being said, I am pleased with the results so I shouldn't moan and it is only 60 seconds after all! My feelings are the same as yesterday really, I'm noticing my blemishes are really drying out and there aren't any new ones that I can see. The only new thing I can really advise is do not go to near to your eye area! Today I wasn't really paying attention and I got a bit too close the the under eye area and it didn't hurt but it did feel very sensitive! Tomorrow is the last day and I'm looking forward to comparing before and after pictures!

Day Seven

Today was the final day and I have to say it was actually the most enjoyable day I've used it! Still no issues with irritation or time allowance and still seeing great results!

The Final Result


So my all in all conclusion! The Magnitone is definitely something that takes a little while to get used to. The first couple of days I struggled with the 60 second time limit because it was all foreign to me. After a few days I got into the habit of starting with my forehead and both temples for the first 20 seconds, then when the beep sounded I went onto my right cheek, right side of the neck and chin and then again when the next beep sounded I went to the left cheek, left side of the neck and also my nose. This method seemed to work well for me and I felt that time was enough on each area.

In terms of products, I did switch this up a few times over the week to see what felt best. I tried this with the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and also the Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wash. For me, I personally didn't enjoy using it with the cleansing balm because it just felt a bit too thick. However, the Cleanse & Polish and the Foaming Cleansing Wash were both equally great. I actually used the Magnitone for an extra day past the 7 day challenge and I did a Cleanse & Polish cleanse alone and then a Foaming Facial Wash cleanse where I also used the Magnitone - this left my skin feeling absolutely amazing!

For my skin, I have actually seen marked improvements everywhere. At the beginning of this challenge I was actually considering going to the GP for some form of Acne Cream as I was really suffering with my skin like never before. That being said, half way through this challenge my skin almost looked worse than better. But! By the end of this challenge I woke up feeling a lot happier with my skin and blemishes have almost completely disappeared. Obviously, my skin is not flawless or perfect (who's is?) but the marks left are from old spots now and are really dying down.

I think I have covered everything but please let me know if you have any further questions! Also, have you tried the Magnitone before?

Disclaimer - This post and all other Hull Bloggers Al Porto posts are not/is not /was not sponsored. Some items at the event were kindly gifted to us and in this instance will be marked with an * to show this. As mentioned above, in this case Magnitone kindly donated a prize for the raffle, which I went on to win with tickets I purchased with my own money.


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