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Saturday, September 26, 2015

In the amazing Hull Bloggers goodie bags we were lucky enough to receive a very generous gift voucher from the people at Personal Planner. I was so excited to get ordering as I am a crazy lady for lists and I love stationary!

When it comes to diaries and planners I am always a bit sceptical of spending a lot of money as, most of the time, the ones available in shops aren't 100% what I'm looking for. There is always something I would like to change about them if I had the chance! With Personal Planner, this is not the case and this is pretty much how the company was founded! I will insert the beginnings of the Personal Planner Story but you can read the whole thing over on the 'about us' tab on their website!

(Print Screen taken from the Personal Planner Website)

So, now I will go onto the planner I chose! First off I had to decide whether I wanted a Planner, Wall Planner or Notebook! For me, this was easy as I knew I wanted a place to keep all my appointments day by day, as well as being able to write blog post ideas and schedules in too! I chose the Planner but that's not where my options ended! Next I had to choose Mini, Square, Wide or A5 and I chose the A5 option as I felt that would be large enough to put a lot of info in but small enough to still carry with me when needed!

Next came the actual design! As you have probably gathered from my blog posts - I am a huge lover of quotes! Inspirational and motivational quotes really help me and I also think they're also nice to share so they can hopefully help others too! For my front cover design I decided rather than choose one of the (amazing, may I add) designs from the website, that I would create my own and upload it! I went with the following quote as I felt this was very fitting for a diary - after all when better to remind yourself to branch out and try new things than when you're planning them? I also added my blog name on the front because, well why not? Then for the back cover I went for a simple pre-made black and white pattern from the website! At this point of the designing process you are able to choose which month and year you would like your planner to start from as well as what colour elastic enclosure you would like.

(Planner and Compliment slip from Personal Planner - PaperMate Pens and Sticky Notes from Tesco)

Inside the planner is a whole other story with all kinds of layouts available! First you choose your Inlay Design (daily layout) - this can be horizontal, vertical, square view, with hourly times or without, everything you could think of! This is also where you can add personal occasions such as peoples birthdays and also extra daily details such as daily workout sections or daily weather sections. There are also options to choose the background colour of your pages, as well as the colour of your ruler and whether you want lines to write on! My selections were as follows...

(Print screen taken from the Personal Planner Website)

Next is the Modules section, this is where you choose the design of the bottom bar of each double page spread. This is divided into 3 small sections which can be customised and then there are a further 2 sections at the end which are preselected as a monthly calendar view and a notes section. My selections were as follows and I think these will benefit me the most from the options available. However, there are some amazing options for all kinds of people such as a 'dinner' options for a planning parent and a 'tune' section for the musical people out there.

(Print screen taken from the Personal Planner Website)

After this, you get to choose what back pages you would like - this also comes in 3 sections!

Section 1 is 8 Pages and you can have the following:

Section 2 is 10 Pages and you can have the following:

Section 3 is 40 Pages and you can have the following:

As you can see, there are plenty of options for all sorts of needs and you can see the boxes I have ticked are the ones I chose! (Print screens taken from the Personal Planner Website)

The final steps are simply filling in the Owner Info Page, which is where you can put your contact information for if you happen to lose your Personal Planner and lastly checking back over your order details to check it is exactly how you want it to look!

I've had my planner for roughly a week now and I am so impressed! My planner was delivered in perfect condition within about a week of ordering (remember it is all personalised and it comes all the way from Sweden) and is better than I could have ever imagined it!

Prices do vary for each planner type but for the particular 12 month planner I chose plus the elastic closure, a plastic wallet, a removable ruler and also a black pen this order came to a total of £25.85 including delivery! I think this is a pretty decent price considering absolutely everything was personalised and this is something that will be used literally all year long! There was also two discount codes inside for myself and a friend (which I'm pretty sure everyone receives but please don't hold me to it!)

Let me know have you ever used Personal Planner or do you fancy giving them a try? I know for certain I will be using Personal Planner again next year for my planning needs! Also, please let me know if you would like a post from me in a couple of months perhaps about how I'm getting on with my Personal Planner and if there are any features I would change next time!

Personal Planner can be found at : Website Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer - This post and all other Hull Bloggers Al Porto posts are not/is not /was not sponsored. Some items at the event were kindly gifted to us and in this instance will be marked with an * to show this. As mentioned above, in this case Personal Planner were kind enough to gift each blogger with a gift card/voucher so we could purchase something from their site.


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