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Friday, September 4, 2015

Now as you may have read in this post I recently was lucky enough to attend a blogging event in Hull. Prior to this event we were all kindly contacted by Holly from Rock On Ruby and she told us that we could order any item on the site at a exclusive discount and we would receive our chosen product(s) at the event.

After much consideration I finally decided on a personalised makeup bag as I felt this would last me a really long time and could technically be used for a number of things! I finally decided on the black, medium sized makeup bag (£14) with the slogan 'Everything you want is on the other side of fear' (If you have read this post, you will know how much that quote means to me) and I could not be happier with the finished product!

The package was cutely wrapped in white tissue paper and had the lovely Rock On Ruby brand logo in the form of a sticker keeping it sealed. I really liked the simplicity of the way they had wrapped my item up and liked the added detail of the sticker! I must admit I was so excited to rip this open straight away but managed to contain myself for the purpose of these photos! Definitely worth the wait though!

On to the bag itself, as I mentioned earlier I decided to go for the medium sized black bag and the lovely Holly told me that she thought this font and colour for the writing would look the best! I thought it was especially nice that she kept me informed via email and helped me decide what would create the best design!

Once again there is the added detail of the Rock On Ruby branding in the bottom right hand corner and I really like the fact that it actually compliments the design! The hint of red with the black bag and white text looks so good!

Attached to the zip was another little label with the Rock On Ruby branding on which again, I think adds a nice little touch.

In terms of quality I think this makeup bag is definitely worth the money! The bag itself is made of a really nice thick natural canvas material and has a vintage style metal zip to keep all your items sealed in! The medium size I went for is 21.5cm x 16cm but they also have a small and large size which can be found over on the website along with T-Shirts, Sweaters and lots more amazing items!

Let me know if you've ever purchased anything from Rock On Ruby or if you have your eye on anything at the moment - I know I certainly have!

Thank you to the girls over at Rock On Ruby for giving us #HBAlPorto bloggers an exclusive discount and for their amazing service! 

Rock on Ruby can be found at : WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer - This post and all other Hull Bloggers Al Porto posts are not/is not /was not sponsored. Some items at the event were kindly gifted to us and in this instance will be marked with an * to show this. As mentioned above, in this case Rock On Ruby kindly gave us an exclusive discount code for the event. 


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