Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Product Empties

So this post was originally going to be a YouTube video but I'm really struggling to be able to film at the moment with it being school holidays - the house is so noisy! I also would very much like to get these empty bottles out of my way so I thought it would make a nice blog post instead! I also have quite a few #HBAlPorto posts planned so I thought this may be a nice way to break them up a little for those of you're not interested in those.

As you can see the items I have accumulated aren't too exciting but I thought they were worth a mention none the less! I also thought there was quite a nice mix of bath, body and skincare!

As you can see, all but one of these items are high street/supermarket purchases so they are really affordable and easy to get hold of!

So first up we have an essential which is body wash. When I was making a Tesco order online I noticed these were on offer at £1 each (RRP: £1.99) so I picked up 3 different scents and thought they would last a while. Here I picked up the feel rejuvenated orange, feel fantastic cherry and the feel gorgeous coconut and I must say all the scents were actually really nice! To say these are all from the same product line, the consistency of them was actually quite different between them - for example the cherry one was quite see through and jelly like where as the coconut one was quite thick and creamy. None the less I liked them all but would say my favourite was the feel gorgeous coconut scent!

Next I have a few Garnier Products. The first being the Garnier Body Repair Cream which I again got on offer in the supermarket for £1 (RRP: £3.39)! This is so hydrating on extremely dry skin and smells lovely too! This is an absolute favourite of mine and I will definitely be repurchasing! 

Next up is the Garnier Mineral Invisible 48 Hour Protection Deodorant (RRP: £2.49). A simple necessity. I have been buying this one for quite a while but I'm really not enjoying it recently! I definitely need to try a new brand of deodorant soon!

Lastly from Garnier is the Micellar Cleansing Water (RRP: £4.99) which again I have repurchased a few times but am actually going to take a break from. I'm struggling quite badly with my skin (again) at the moment and I actually think it gets worse when I use this recently! Something I would recommend though for others as I loved it to begin with! Very reasonable too!

Now I've got a shampoo and a bath soak for you all. The shampoo is by Vosene and is the frequent use anti dandruff shampoo (RRP: £2.00). I was struggling with an itchy scalp so thought I would try this. I think it's definitely helped me but if you're looking for amazing smells/texture from your shampoo this wouldn't be the one! Does what it says on the bottle though for sure!

For the bubble bath I have the No7 Scrumptious Bath Soak (RRP: £9.50) which is a product I absolutely loved! In the bottle this looked an amazing iridescent sparkly cream colour and gave a really nice bubble bath when added to running water! Maybe a tad expensive to buy regularly but a really nice gift or treat!

So my last two products are skincare! This Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (RRP: £22) again used to be a regular repurchase of mine but I'm taking a break from it at the moment and not repurchasing. This however is my all time favourite cleanser and I would definitely recommend!

Last but not least is the Simple Soothing Facial Toner (RRP: £3.29) and I think this is my favourite of all these products! This is a super gentle toner but I find it really makes a difference to my skin and at a bargain price!

Well that was all my recent empties! I can finally get rid of the gross bottles now! Let me know if you have used any of these products or if you have any alternative suggestions for me!

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