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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So this post is a bit late to the mark as I actually had my redesign about 2 months ago now but I wanted to share my experience with you all and basically just tell you how I've been getting on with everything so far!

First off, when I started blogging I was a complete blogging dummy - I knew nothing about blogger and I didn't even really know where I was wanting to go with it all! As I'm sure many new bloggers do, I went for a basic Blogger template and simply changed a few of the colours. Now this didn't look bad but it wasn't that great either. Over time, I swapped and changed various fonts and I made my own (very basic) headers. When I look back now, I've noticed my header got more and more simple as time went on but at the time, to me, it was just what I wanted and pretty much the best I could do.

My first ever design.

The second design.

Finally, I learnt that the off-white background on the header looked atrocious! 

Back at the very beginning of August (2nd to be exact) I joined in with a Twitter chat (#lbloggers) which was hosted by @LixHewett and was all about 'know your worth: how to blog like you mean business'. The general purpose of the questions was for people to share their experiences and help each other with the blogging questions everyone is a bit iffy around. There was an array of questions including ones about brand work and another about numbers etc. 

This chat is what spurred me on to be a lot more serious about my blog - after all I was putting in hard work writing to posts so why shouldn't I make sure everything else was the best it could be too?

I spent that night composing a list of all the things I needed to do (some which I haven't gotten around to still) and the main one on there was redesign! I wanted my blog to look a lot more professional and a lot more me! The next morning I spent hours and hours researching different design companies and looking at blogs I loved for inspiration when I decided to take a break and check my Twitter feed! As if by some kind of strange coincidence, someone I was following was asking for some bloggers who wanted their blog redesigned to contact her as she wanted to build a portfolio! This was my chance! I contacted the lovely Megan and by the end of the day my blog was redesigned and live! (This was exceptional circumstances and turn over may not always be this quick - please contact Megan for more information!)

So on to the design process, Megan has such a good eye for design so even though I was still a bit in limbo of what I actually wanted, she took control and I ended up with a design I was (and still am) in love with! Megan designed me a ticket looking logo in the purple theme along with some matching buttons for the sidebar and it all ties in together really well!

Before the actual design process took place, Megan let me know everything that was going to happen and how it was going to work! This was great especially for me as I had never gone through a process like this before so it was good to be kept informed of everything I would need to do and how it would all work! Next was picking things like colours, widgets, pages etc. I am a lover of simple things with an added splash of colour and Megan saw this from my previous blog design so we decided on Black, White and Purple for the whole colour scheme! Pages wise I went for the simple Home, About Me, Disclaimer & Contact Me and I also picked which Social Media links I would like to be included. 

Through-out the whole process Megan did amazing at keeping me informed and getting me to choose bits here and there whilst sending me pictures of the designs she had come up with along the way! I loved this as I felt like I really took part in the creative process (although she was doing all the hard work)! I was also made to feel so at ease and even though I felt I was being picky (sorry Megan!) she was so nice in reassuring me that it was my blog and should be exactly how I wanted it!

All in all I was so pleased with the experience and the final design and so impressed with the hard work and skills that had gone into making it!

Megan has now built up herself a portfolio and has set her self up a little business with various design packages! I couldn't recommend her highly enough and since having my blog re-designed I can truly say how much of a difference it has made to my blogging experience! I have even noticed a rise in views/comments etc since re-design and although I can't 100% tell you this is why (because who knows?) I can tell you that I am almost certain this has contributed because there was nothing else I had changed at that time. Most of all I think it has really changed my outlook on blogging as a whole as I feel so much more confident with my design and it seemed to gave me a new lease of life!

Let me know, do you have any re-design experiences? Do you think these helped your blog in any way?

Megan can be found at : Website Twitter 

Disclaimer: This post was/is not sponsored. Meguana Designs have not asked me to write this post nor do they know I am writing it. In this instance the redesign process was completely free due to the circumstances at the time. However, this does not change my views in any way and all opinions are my own.


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