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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today I have yet another #HBAlPorto post for you, this time in the shape of a Lush Goodie Bag! 

A few lovely ladies from Lush Hull came along to our amazing Hull Bloggers event and set up a table full of Lush items available for us to buy as well as talking us through the products and giving us demonstrations. The girls were so informative and helpful so a big shoutout to them! I also thought it was really lovely that they got involved with us and even joined in our raffle!

Later on in the day we were each given an amazing goodie bag with 3 products and a catalogue inside! I received Green Fun, Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar and Don't Look at Me Face Mask.

Sadly I don't have any demonstrations for you but I can give my opinions none the less!

The Green Fun was instantly taken by my 7 year old brother who really enjoyed it! This was a lovely lemon and lime scent and was used initially to mould into shapes and then as a soap! I would definitely buy this for him again as it made bath time fun for him! This could have also been used as a bubble bath when crumbled under running water and even a shampoo I have read!

Granny Takes a Dip was a bit of a fail on my part! I didn't read the packet beforehand and I thought this was a Bath Bomb (if I remember rightly, it used to be!) so i actually filled my bath right up, dropped it in and waited for a colourful show of patterns and swirls. Unfortunately I just got splashed and got to watch it sink to the bottom. After WhatsApping a few Hull Bloggers girls in our group chat I realised it was a bubble bar so I ran the tap a little bit more and crumbled it under! The smell was lovely and it made for a very nice bath however, the colour wasn't too great! If you like your Lush bath to be an array of bright colours, this isn't for you as it does just turn the water a yellow/brown colour! 

Last but not least is the Don't Look at Me Face Mask and I'm sorry to say I have not yet tried this (plus I'm not sure if it will have expired now?) however I can say it is an amazing bright blue colour and smells very refreshing!

So that's everything from my Lush goodie bag! Sorry I didn't have more pictures/info!

Do you like Lush products? If so what's your favourite item of theirs?

Lush can be found at : Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Disclaimer - This post and all other Hull Bloggers Al Porto posts are not/is not /was not sponsored. Some items at the event were kindly gifted to us. In this instance Lush kindly gifted us all with one goodie bag containing 3 of their products and a catalogue. All opinions are my own.


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