Makeup Revolution - 144 Eyeshadow Palette 2016 Collection

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So recently when I was in Superdrug I noticed this amazing MUR Eyeshadow palette in the Christmas section and immediately fell in love! Not only was it 144 amazing colours which I would use mostly all of but it was on sale from £20 to £10 - I couldn't believe it! After telling myself I did not need any more eyeshadows, my lovely mum offered to buy me it. I couldn't refuse!

So like I mentioned, this palette retails at £20 (full price) for 144 eyeshadows and is available in Superdrug in store or online. The colours range from light to dark, bright to muted and are a mixture of mattes and shimmers. I'd say that roughly 80% of the shades are very neutral everyday shades with the other 20% being a bit more daring but still very wearable. 

As you can see here there are some bright shades which I think would look amazing under the eye for a pop of colour! This palette also caters for all seasons as there are some brighter coral and purple shades perfect for Summer and then some deeper orange and green tones which would look amazing in Autumn time!

As I am always 100% honest with you, I will say that some of the shades are a tad chalky however  on the other hand some are amazingly creamy (the copper shade in the centre of the above picture for example). 

As you can see I have swatched 4 different colours for you at random to give you an idea of pigmentation. My favourite by far is the amazing copper colour on the left.

I haven't edited any of these photographs as they were all taken in natural light and I wanted to show the colours true to how they are.

I can't wait to start creating looks with this and I'll be sure to share pictures once I do! Let me know do you own any of the MUR palettes and what do you think of them?

Disclaimer: This post was/is not sponsored. The mentioned product was bought and paid for by my mum and gifted to me! All opinions are my own. 


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