Staying in on Halloween

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today I thought I'd do another little Halloween post for you all as it seems to be creeping up on us quite quickly now! As I mentioned in this post I'm really not one for scary things so I thought I'd do a couple of family friendly posts. So this post is just going to be a few things you can do on a low-key Halloween night in!

Pumpkin Carving Kit - Morrisons - £1 (or 3 for £2)
Pumpkin (Medium) - Morrisons - 50p
Milkybar Ghost - Superdrug - 60p
Smarties Pumpkin - Superdrug - 60p
Cadburys Spiders - Asda - 60p (or 2 for £1)
Chocolate Eyeballs - Asda - £1.35
Gingerbread Bats - Morrisons - £2.47
Evil Eye Cupcakes - Tesco - £1.50

So first up is food (always) and I've skipped straight to the sweets! If you would like savoury options you can check out this post for 4 yummy ideas! Even if you don't like answering the door to trick or treaters and giving out sweets, it's still nice to pick some up for yourself! Here I chose some Cadburys, Nestle and 'Own Brand' treats as these are my favourites. However, I do know of other Halloween inspired sweets such as Cadbury Scream Egg and other own brand sweets from various stores like Fizzy fangs and Jelly Worms!

Now, if you're not a sweetie person (or if you just want more treats) you can also pick up some bakery items. Here I chose the Evil Eye Cupcakes from Tesco (which are so amazing and filled with jam!) and also the Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Bat kit from Asda (which is an all round winner as it's fun too). Whilst I was shopping for these I also saw some other bakery pieces which looked equally as yummy...
Tesco Ghoulishly Gooey Traybake, Tesco 12 Pack Cupcake Platter, Morrisons DYO Gingerbread House and Morrisons Witches Hat Cupcakes. 

Now you're stuffed full of delicious treats it's time for pumpkin carving! This is fun for both adults and children and makes a cute decoration once you're finished! I think i'm going to put our final pumpkin design into a separate blog post but I just got this medium sized one as it wasn't too heavy to carry! All supermarkets have them in stock now and they range from about 50p to £2 depending on the size and the store.

Last but not least is movies! Put on your cosiest pyjamas (it is Autumn after all) and stick on a good film! I will be spending Halloween with my 7 year old brother (and I'm scared of Horror movies anyway) so we will be watching something like Monster House, Casper or The Haunted Mansion! However, on the next level (less child friendly) would be anything Tim Burton (love!) so Dark Shadows, Edward Scissorhands or Sweeney Todd to name a few! Then there are the full on Horror films which I can't really name because I hate them!

So that's my quick Staying in on Halloween post! What will you be doing on Halloween?

Disclaimer - This post is not /was not sponsored. All items used were purchased with my own money and all information used is my own.


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