The A - Z of Me

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

When browsing through my Bloglovin feed this week I came across a post from the lovely Kathryn  which was entitled 'The A - Z of Me'. Upon reading it I instantly loved the idea of thinking of a fact for each letter of the alphabet which describes you. As a child I always used to play a very similar game where we would choose a topic and then have to name a thing for that topic for each letter of the alphabet. For example if the category was Animals it would go a bit like... Ant, Bee, Cat, Dog, Elephant.. etc! I think this is why I loved the idea so much.

Nevertheless, I told Kat how much I loved the idea and she said I was more than welcome to do my own version! So here we have it. The A - Z of Me.
Ⓐ - Animals. In our house we are a bit animal crazy. At one point we had a total of 5 dogs. We've had pretty much any house pet going from fish to rabbits to dogs! I feel like a house without animals just wouldn't be the same!

Ⓑ - Blogging. Obviously blogging is a big part of my life right now and has been for a little while. Without blogging I dread to think of the place I would be in right now. Blogging had brought me so many great opportunities and friends.

Ⓒ - Car. This is both a funny and a serious one. I passed my test 3 year ago this month and I am on to my 4th car. Now I'll say my current car is my absolute favourite and I love it so so much. Penelope the Peugeot is her name!

Ⓓ - Disney. Like most people my age I grew up with Disney. Everything Disney. To this day I still adore Disney like I was that same 6 year old girl! I have been to 2 of the Disneyland's, both California and Paris and one day I hope to visit the Florida location!

Ⓔ - Eyes. The first thing I notice about people are their eyes! I was also once told by a police man that I smile with my eyes which apparently is a very genuine smile!

Ⓕ - Family. To me, my family are the most important thing. My friends used to comment on how much I would socialise with my family and say 'you're always with your mum' but I am so grateful of the bond we have and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Ⓖ - Ginger. Yes, I am Ginger. When I was in high school I couldn't think of anything worse and as I have mentioned I went to the extreme of dying it religiously every 4-6 weeks but in recent years I have come to terms with it and learnt to love my ginger hair! 

Ⓗ - Hull. The place I was born and raised. This is the place I will always refer to as 'home'. When we're driving along the motorway and can finally see the Humber Bridge I think to myself 'I'm home'. It may not be the nicest of places but to me it's my favourite place. 

Ⓘ - Internet. Basically, I spend a large amount of my free time using the internet whether it be for important things or just browsing so I thought it had to be included! It's amazing what the internet can be used for (both good and bad) and I learn something new every day from it. 

Ⓙ - Jewellery. I don't wear a lot of jewellery but the jewellery I do own is all very sentimental. I have  a locket which I wear 24/7 as well as a ring which I also never take off. Other than that I own one pair of nice earrings for each piercing and a nomination bracelet with meaningful charms!

Ⓚ - Knitting. A couple of years ago I taught myself how to knit and although I don't do it very often it's something I'm very proud of!

Ⓛ - Lists. List making is one of my favourite pastimes. Writings lists got me to where I am today! Now that may seem dramatic but right through school, college and now my adult life blogging I have used lists to help cope. So far I think it's working.

Ⓜ - Memory Boxes. There are currently about 4 memory boxes of mine scattered around the house (and they're not very small either). There's something about keeping memories I love so much. Whether it's the hoarder or the sentimental side of me I'll never know but I'm not complaining!

Ⓝ - Naps. I am tired 24/7 and after being assured by the GP there is nothing medically wrong with me, I am comfortable in saying I am a regular nap taker. Some days this is great and I wake up feeling refreshed but others I feel groggy and gross!

Ⓞ - Opinionated. This isn't always my best trait but I am very opinionated. I'm not a person to sit back if something needs to be said. I like the truth to be told! Saying that, I hate confrontation so I don't go looking for arguments! 

Ⓟ - Pizza. Pizza has to be my all time favourite food. I have even worked in a pizza shop before and loved it! What can I say? Pizza is a big part of my life!

Ⓠ - Quotes. I am one of those annoying people who finds a quote for every situation! If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know I am always including various quotes in my posts! I find it a great way to motivate myself!

Ⓡ - Reading. Even in my primary and secondary school days I would spend all my spare time reading books. I would ask for books for all present occasions and finish them within a day or two. Still to this day I love to get lost in a good book. 

Ⓢ - Singing. Even though I am really bad at it, I love to sing! When I was a little bit younger I actually had singing lessons but the more I grow up, the worse I get! Still, that doesn't stop me belting out a bit of Beyonce in the shower. 

Ⓣ - Tea. A nice cup of english tea is my favourite way to start the day! It's also how I warm myself up in winter, pass time at work and try and calm myself down! I don't like coffee at all so this is my form of caffeine intake!

Ⓤ - Ulcers. A very boring one but I felt like you needed to know the bad things about me as well as the good. I frequently suffer from ulcers and they are so painful it's unreal! During this time I will be seen with a grumpy looking facial expression.

Ⓥ - Vans. The shoe brand not the mode of transport. I currently own about 4 or 5 pairs and they are my absolute favourite! So comfy and look really nice with a pair of jeans! 

Ⓦ - Water. Another fact about me is I can't actually swim. At the age of 20 I am still unable to swim and still absolutely terrified of water any deeper than a bath. Maybe one day I will overcome this and learn but for right now I will stay firmly on solid ground.

Ⓧ - X-Ray. This may seem like a strange one but I have had about 10 X-Rays this year alone due to my knee so I feel like they're tell a part of my story now! If you don't know, I dislocated my knee in May and have since been diagnosed with Hypermobility!

Ⓨ - YouTube. Even before I was making my own YouTube videos I was such a massive fan of YouTube. I watch it ever day at least once and it's when I go when I'm feeling down. There are some amazing content creators out there and I think I'd be lost without it.

Ⓩ - Zoos. If you ever want to take me somewhere and don't know where, just take me to a zoo. I have so much fun when I'm there taking pictures and seeing all the animals and I think it's not somewhere people often think about going! Maybe one for warmer weather though.

So there we have it! That was way harder than I thought it would be! Hopefully you learnt at least one new thing about me! If you have done one of these posts I would love to read it!


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