Bloggers Block

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Since about May/June time, I have been quite productive in the blogging process.  Dare I say I upped my game?! I went from posting to no particular schedule (what I want, when I want, very inconsistently) to posting to quite a strict schedule (Once a week, every Saturday which then progressed to twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Each post 7am sharp.). This was great, I felt super accomplished and proud and I felt myself getting more recognition and opportunities because of this. Now this is where Bloggers Block comes in. Obviously, I mean what better timing right?

(Picture Credit - here)

Now I'm not talking the stereotypical bloggers block where you lack inspiration and simply cannot muster up any ideas to write about. I have plenty of ideas all written down in a little book of mine, screaming out to be made into something amazing - I even have the pictures for them already. I'm simply finding myself unable to put the post together - I just can't find the words.

This brings me to today. I have no posts left in my 'scheduled' tab and theres nothing in my drafts. I'm panicking! I don't for one second want to break my blogging streak (this post is already a day late) but I don't want to force out a post and not love it.

So I'm asking you... What do you do when Bloggers Block strikes?

This post was a bit different for me as it's a bit of a ramble almost like a diary entry! I just wanted to let you in on it! I hope you don't think this was too negative! Fingers crossed I get my blogging mojo back!


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