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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

As you may or may not remember from this post I mentioned that I was in the process of looking for a little giveaway prize to say thank you to celebrate the (at the time) 100 followers I had on Bloglovin'. Now this was back at the beginning of August and since then I have gone up to 177 Bloglovin' followers and I couldn't be more thankful! To say thank you properly I have finally got off my bum and bought a giveaway prize to giveaway to one of you! Now it's not much, but it's something just to show my appreciation and hopefully in the future I'll be able to give away something a bit bigger and/or to more than one of you.

So, I'll move on to the prizes. I'll say now that these prizes are aimed more at my female audience (sorry to any males out there - I can look at doing a male one in the future if wanted?) and that I had the idea of autumn/winter cosy night in, in mind. Hopefully this reflects in the items I choose and you all like them.

I'm very sorry but for shipping purposes this giveaway is only open to the UK. 
In the future I will be sure to do one that is worldwide!

The Bright Side Bone China Tray. Now I saw this and knew instantly I had to get it for this giveaway! This is perfect to put on your bedside cabinet to keep any jewellery or bits on bobs on while you go to bed! Or to put your jewellery/eyelashes in while you get a nice relaxing bath!

1 x Bath Tea Bag  in Marshmallow Rose and 1x Bathbomb (I'm really sorry I've forgotten the scent but it was a calming aromatherapy scent!) Baths are my favourite on cold evenings and are a lovely way to relax!

2x Yankee Candle Votives and 1 Yankee Candle Votive Holder. Need I say anymore? Who doesn't love a candle for a cosy night in and when I saw these Christmas scents I couldn't refuse!

Set of 4 Real Extracts Lip Balm. In those colder months I know my lips tend to get very dry so I thought I'd include something for that too! I really like the scent selection too!

Christmas Mug. Oops another Christmassy item! You can't spent a cosy night in without a hot drink though so I thought this mug would be the perfect thing to drink from!

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company - Jelly Bean Jumble Flavour. Cosy nights in with hot drinks and candles can't be had without a chocolate fix! 

1 x Sass & Belle Small Box and 1x Pair of Christmas socks. I thought this little box for Sass & Belle was perfect for putting a little snack in - whether it be healthy fruit or a cheeky sweet treat! These socks are also super cute and nothing beats putting brand new socks on after a relaxing bath!

Last but not least is this 2016 Calendar with notebook and magnets. I love the design on the front so much and thought the magnets and notebook where a lovely touch! I really enjoy planning on and evening when I'm wrapped up in a blanket so thought this was an extra gift which went quite nicely with my theme!

So that's all the prizes. Sorry it isn't more and I hope you all like them! All in all I paid about £40 altogether so fingers crossed the winner really enjoys the items I have chosen!

Now I'll get onto how to enter. Simply just enter via the Rafflecopter box below and keep your fingers crossed!

Huge thank you again to all my followers and hopefully I can continue to do giveaways for you all in the future!

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