Why I'm Thinking About Going Back Into Education

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today's post is going to be a bit of a ramble-y one, I'll warn you now. I don't have notes, I don't have a plan - I'm just writing it as it comes to mind. My thought process.

So as I've mentioned a few times now (and I'm sorry, you're probably bored of hearing it by now) 2015 was quite hard for me. I feel that a few of the big things that people worry about happening, happened to me. I fell (literally) ill unexpectedly with something I didn't know I had (a knee dislocation which then was diagnosed as hypermobility), I was off sick for a long time which left me in a bad place financially and then I was let go from my job as it wasn't clear when I would be able to even walk again properly.  Since then however, I have gotten myself in a better financial position by managing to pay off more than half of my debt and I did manage to get myself back into work (at a Pizza Shop I worked at when I was 16 but albeit a job is a job).

All these trying times and sticky situations however have lead me to think, am I heading in the right direction? Brief back story - growing up there were 3 jobs I seriously wanted to consider to be - a hairdresser, a secretary or a photographer. As school broke out I did what I felt I should do and I enrolled at college - but because I wasn't actually convinced I wanted to go to college (I just took the next step I felt had to be taken by all) I just picked a subject I disliked the least.  I will be 100% honest in saying I hated school and everyone who I went to school with will have no quarms in backing me up. However, I didn't actually hate my Media Studies BTEC, in fact I actually quite enjoyed it and I did pretty good in getting myself a Merit (=4xB). So, this is the route I took - I was going to be a photographer. As the odds have it, I didn't like college either. I wasn't mentally in the right place and my course was based more on film studies than it was photography which for me, was pretty useless. So after 1 year I dropped out and I started again (luckily my tutors were kind enough to mark all the work I had done and I still gained some qualifications from it). Within this time I had also been knocked back by so many places where I wanted to do work experience and everyone was telling me that in the town I live, photography just wasn't going to work.

Skip ahead a few months and with photography knocked off my list - my confidence was shaken.  After my first experience with college I was hesitant to return to train in something else so I picked the next suitable role from my jobs list - one that didn't require me to attend a college - a secretary.  Now don't ask me why this was my 'job goals' because really I don't know. I think it's because when I was growing up my auntie had jobs in this field and I just wanted to be her. Nonetheless I got myself a apprenticeship in business and administration where I could train on site. It was perfect. I completed my years training and I earned my NVQ - I was so proud. However, me being me and my anxiety getting in the way I decided this wasn't the job for me and I chose not to do the next level. I left my job on May 29th and that same day I had an interview elsewhere. By June 2nd I was sat in my new office - and this is the job I lost this year due to my poorly knees!

So now I'm thinking I've tried my hand at photography and also being a secretary, is it time for a change? There is always room to learn new skills and I'm kind of thinking now is my prime opportunity as I'm 21 in February. I feel like my two options would be hairdressing or make up artistry because I love both. (I actually enrolled at DFMA to train to be a MUA but due to my knee I both couldn't fund it and couldn't travel).
Things currently playing on my mind is - at 21 will I feel awkward in a class full of 17 year olds?  Should I just stick to what I know? Can I afford it because college/ training at 21 isn't funded?

If you have had any experience in re-training or going back to education at an 'older' age please let me know. I would love to get some information and help to decide!

If you've read until the end, thank you very much and I'll see you in my next post!

Jordan xx