2013 Flashback - Disneyland Resort Anaheim

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A few days ago I did a poll via Twitter asking my followers if it was too late to share some pictures from my trip to America back in 2013. Of course, some people said it was too long ago and they weren't interested. However, more than 50% said they would like to give it a read and in all honesty and no offence intended - I decided that after all this is my blog and I would love to share my pictures and memories if only for me to look back on in a few years.  As there are about 500 photos I decided I'm going to split it into destinations and today I'm starting with Disney.

So, while staying in Anaheim we stayed in the Doubletree Suites by Hilton which was along the big strip of hotels and restaurants just a 5/10 minute journey from the Disneyland Parks! This hotel was so gorgeous and I would love to go back! On arrival we were given hot cookies and our room was like a little flat!

After stuffing our faces with Denny's breakfast everyday for our whole stay, we caught the bus along to the parks and we made sure to go as early as possible to avoid the bus being too busy!

As always the parks looked absolutely incredible. We had tickets for both Disneyland and California Adventure Park so we were able to see the Disney Characters as well as ones from the Pixar movies! I'll warn you now, this post is about to get very photo heavy!

 (Lightening McQueen actually drove/moved so I was very impressed!)

(Sully is my fave! A member of the Pixar team told us he had gone home for the day so I was gutted but we actually saw him around the corner which was exciting)

Now onto the official Disneyland Resort photographs! These are much better quality and I'm sure when I finally get my own place I'm going to get some printed and framed!

 (At the time Jack was only about 5 so meeting Jake was like meeting the Queen for him! He was so happy!)

(I love this photo the team took of Jack! So gorgeous)

(This is my favourite view of the whole entire park. I could have stayed here and just watched for hours!)

Our trip to Anaheim was so amazing and I would love to go back now even at 21! The whole thing was really magical and we were so lucky to have the experience! The weather was piping hot while we were there which was both a blessing and a curse and I know for sure I will remember this holiday forever! We actually got stamps to go back to the park on the evening for the fireworks, parade and the water colour show but we were all wiped out so instead we watched the fireworks from our hotel window. I definitely do wish we had mustered up the energy to go back and view them though!

The staff were all so jolly and friendly which really made a difference! The only downside is food is quite pricey there so you have to be prepared!

Let me know if you would like to see anymore of my American experience! We also visited a few other tourist attractions and I have PLENTY more photos!

I'd also love to know if you have ever visited these parks - If you have, did you love it?!


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