Light Meal with Primula

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today I'm back with another one of my Primula Blogger Club posts and this month, as it's January, we are focusing on snacks and light meals with a bit of calorie reduction! With this in mind, this month I decided to create a light meal using Primula Light and best of all - it's super healthy! So if you want some light meal inspiration featuring chicken, Primula Light and some veggies then keep on reading!

Ingredients and tools you will need:
- Chicken Breasts (Skinless)
- Primula (Light)
- Chives (Chopped) (Optional)
- Baby Potatoes (Whole or Halved)
- Green Beans (Or veg of your choice)
- 2 Pans
- Baking Tray
- Bowl
- Spoon
- Knife

Step One:
Start by prepping your vegetable of choice ready for cooking. I chose green beans and simply removed both ends. I decided to keep the potatoes whole as I just prefer them this way however you can half them if you prefer.

Step Two:
Place your potatoes in one pan and fill with water ready for boiling. You then need to do the same with your vegetable of choice in a separate pan (or you could even steam if you prefer!). These can then just be put to one side until the time comes to cook them.

Step Three:
(Sorry for the raw chicken picture - gross!)
Preheat your oven to about 180/200 degrees celsius. Remove any excess fat etc from your chicken breasts and place on a tinfoil covered oven tray.

Step Four:
Place one sheet of tinfoil over the chicken breasts loosely so that there is two sides attached and two sides loose. This just prevents the chicken from burning and gives a steaming effect for the chicken. This should be removed half way through your total cooking time.

Step Five:
Whilst waiting for your chicken to cook and before you start cooking your potatoes and vegetables - make sure you have your Primula Light ready as well as any extras such as chives. Once the chicken is about half way cooked - turn your potatoes and green beans on and boil.

Step Six:
Once the chicken is fully cooked (drain any extra fat if you want to) you will then need to make slices in the chicken breasts ensuring not to cut right to the bottom. I made three diagonal scores as the chicken breasts were quite large.

Step Seven:
Drain your potatoes and vegetables and place into bowls ready to serve.

It should start looking like a meal at this point!

Step Eight:
As an optional step (depending how cheesy you like it) mix your potatoes with some Primula Light and some chives. This was my favourite part of the meal I think as the Primula Light melted over the heat of the potatoes and it was delicious!

Step Nine:
Next take your Primula Light squeezy tube again and this time place a line of cheese in each score mark you made on the chicken breast. You can also add a sprinkling of chives to the top if you would like for extra flavour.

Step Ten:
Simply plate everything up and enjoy!

This made for a lovely lighter meal which was all in all really healthy. Personally my favourite part was the Primula Light covered potatoes with the fresh chive! I'm not much of a fan of plain chicken breasts (I only like mine smothered in gravy) but this meal went down an absolute treat with the rest of my family!

Information regarding all Primula products mentioned in this post, such as nutritional information can be found at the following link:
Primula Cheese -

Primula is the perfect fridge staple and this Primula Light is perfect for a low fat option! There are more recipes available for you to try over on the Primula website. If you don't fancy creating a full recipe with Primula, they are just as delicious squeezed on toast!

Real Cheese, Real Character

Disclaimer: This post is/was in collaboration with Primula and the Primula Blogger Programme who kindly sent me Primula Products from the range to create this post with! This post is a sponsored post through said Primula Blogger Programme, however, all opinions are my own. Any questions - please feel free to ask either below or by email/Twitter.


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