Saturday, January 30, 2016

Recently I responded to an opportunity on The Blogger Programme by the brand and the lovely Amy replied and said she would love to send me some items for my pooches for review! So after a few messages back and forth about the dogs I was sent a parcel and today I'm going to tell you all about the service and the products!

So first up, Amy asked me about my doggies. Questions such as their age, breed and if they had any special requirements. I loved this as it felt like they were a company which really cared about the pets. When my parcel arrived, inside was a Burgess Sensitive Adult Complete Dry Dog Food, ToyBoy Nylon Ring Flavoured Chew Toy and some Pet Munchies Chicken Breast Fillet Treats!

Amy let me know that as she knew my dogs have sensitive tummys I was more than welcome to give the Burgess Scottish Salmon & Rice Food as treats rather than swapping their food completely. Again I felt like this was really lovely as she understood!

First up, the dog food. Burgess is a brand I have actually used before for my Guinea Pig so I knew it was a really well known quality brand which is great. actually stock a large variety of well known brands for all different animals which as a pet owner I think is great as there is no fuss as you can buy everything you need in one place for all of your animals!

We actually mixed this dog food into the current dry dog food we are using as we felt this would be a nice change for the pair but not too harsh and extreme for their bellies! I have to say my two are very picky when it comes to trying new things but they both chowed it down very quickly and seemed to enjoy it! This specific food was great as it is hypo-allergenic and free from the most common cause of intolerance's which is great for their sensitive tummies!

Next up is this ToyBoy Nylon Ring which is actually flavoured. My youngest of the two, Mickey, still loves a good chew toy but we find he often gets carried away and chews right through his toys. This nylon ring seems very strong and he has been enjoying chewing it so far! As crazy as I may sound (you might understand if you're a dog owner) but he actually seemed as though it was giving him some relief on his gums and he spent hours chewing it!

The great thing about these toys are that they are completely washable (which is good when your dogs leave their toys out in the garden) and they also help keep your dogs teeth clean! Two birds one stone and all that.

The last item in the goodie box was these Pet Muchies 100% Natural Chicken Breast Fillets. These treats are 100% Natural Chicken which means you are at peace of mind as you know exactly what you're giving your dog (none of those derivatives thank you!). These also have no added colours, Flavourings or Additives which is again great for those sensitive bellies! 

As you can see below my two had a lot of fun trying these new tasty treats! I'm pretty sure (as the packet says) they got their seal of approval!

Grace our Tri Coloured Basset Hound turns Four tomorrow and she loved these yummy treats! As always she was a very good girl and waited until she was told to take it!

However, Mickey our (almost) two year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel couldn't contain his excitement and had a little lick first! Look at them crazy eyes! Dog on a mission or what?!

All in all I had a really great experience with from the products they stock and the service they provided. As I said above stock a large variety of brands including the well known ones and cater for all of your animals (barring pets like ponies!)! The selection available is amazing from the food to the accessories and the treatments!

The website is quick and easy to use with filters and categories at the click of a button and there is even a chat section for if you need a bit of help! They offer a range of services such as free delivery in the UK (over £19.99), Bottomless Bowl and 2-click re-order for returning customers! Everything they offer is really well thought out with both the customer and their pets in mind and I love that! can be found at : Website Twitter Instagram 

Disclaimer: This post is/was in collaboration with who kindly sent me all of the items mentioned above, for review! However, I am not being paid for this post and all opinions are my own! 


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