Things I'm Grateful For - 1 a Day

Saturday, January 9, 2016

In an attempt to make myself see the positives in everything and with the hopes that it may also help my anxiety a little I have decided to write down (at least) 1 thing per day in which I am thankful/grateful for. You could call this a New Years Resolution if you wanted seen as I started this 1st January but I really think it will just be nice to look back on when needed to give myself a bit of faith. Today I'm going to show you week 1 of my 'Things I'm grateful for' (which is actually a little over a week as the 1st was a Friday!
  • January 1st - Baking Focaccia Bread with my mum (and everyone enjoying it)!

  • January 2nd - Playing 'Hedbanz' with Jack (and neither of us getting moody!)

  • January 3rd - An unexpected bonus in my pay packet!

  • January 4th - Curls that stay looking nice even after they've been rained on! (Miracle?!)

  • January 5th - Jack enjoying his first day back at school and being super happy and nice. Also, him telling me all about Volcanos!

  • January 6th - Getting excited about surprise presents!

  • January 7th - Ice cold Strawberry Yazoo Milkshake after a warm shift at work.

  • January 8th - Reaching 250 Bloglovin' followers!

So as you can see, this list isn't full of huge moments - it's the little things that I would perhaps usually take for granted. I think this will do me the world of good as some days I know I feel like the whole world is against me! Remembering even small moments will hopefully help me feel a bit more optimistic!

I would love to hear some of the little things you have been grateful for recently! Please let me know if you enjoy this type of post and I can make sure to keep up with it!


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