Things An Anxiety Sufferer Wants You To Know

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Things an anxiety sufferer wants you to know...

We Don't Understand It Either
The anxiety confuses us just as much as it does you. We may never understand why we feel certain ways our why our mind makes us think certain things but thats just how it goes. We're just as much in the dark as you are. We know we are being irrational sometimes but we really can't help it, nor do we know why we feel this way (which is actually worse).

We Are Trying
Although it may not seem like it sometimes, we are trying very hard. Whether it be trying to stop taking it out on you or trying to control the anxiety itself, just know we are always trying. Sometimes it may seem as though we are sat back watching it happen - like we've given up or want to live like this but we haven't and we don't. Bear with us we're doing our best.

We Cannot Just 'Calm Down'
We know you are trying to help but we cannot just 'calm down', 'stop worrying' or 'relax'. If we could we would. These three sayings, more often than not, make us feel so much worse and we end up feeling the opposite! Please refrain. 

We Understand - We Hate It Too
As much as it might annoy/upset/frustrate you, we don't enjoy the effects just as much as you don't. We understand how frustrating it must be to listen to us say irrational things or how hard it must be when we've made plans and the anxiety won't let us follow them through but we get it, we know you hate it and we do too!

We Are Often Exhausted
It was once said that a day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work and anxiety really cements this. Please understand that sometimes we may need more sleep than usual or may miss out on things because we are drained, simply because our brain never switches off! Anxiety is extremely exhausting.

We Will Never Be Defined By Anxiety
Although anxiety may be a large part of our life currently, it certainly does not define us. We are more than anxiety and we will not be this way forever. We hope you can see past our anxiety and know we are much, much more.

We Are Not All The Same
There are all types of anxiety and all different symptoms within those anxiety types. They range from mental, physical and emotional and are felt in all different ways. Not everyone with anxiety experiences it in the same way and this is quite important to remember. Please don't put us all in one bracket.

We Cannot Be Fixed But We Will Beat It
We are not something broken that needs to be fixed by someone else. Yes, we love your support and reassurance but we have to do some of this alone. The anxiety is in ourselves and we have to beat it ourselves. This is just a bump in the road - not a life sentence. We will beat this with a mixture of help from others and self help.

We Are Sorry
For everything. For the side effects whether it be the mental or the physical, for the disappointment when a plan falls through and most importantly for the times we may take it out on you or push you away. Anxiety is a very stressful and confusing thing but please know we are really sorry and the term 'it's not you, it's me' actually comes into play.

We Love You
It may be hard for us to say it or show it sometimes but we love you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you for helping us and being there when we need you the most. We really do love you and we appreciate you a whole lot.


Obviously, I cannot speak for everyone with anxiety. These are however some of my personal thoughts/feelings as an anxiety sufferer and also some things I have heard from other anxiety sufferers. Let me know if you have any of your own points which you as a person with anxiety would like your loved ones to know.


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