Handbag Essentials Kit

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Now I don't know about you but I often find myself in need of something random when I'm out and about and of course I never have it with me (even though my handbag is huge!). That's why I decided to create myself a little Handbag Essentials Kit to have me prepared for whatever might come up and today I'm going to show you what's inside!

So first up, the bag itself. I picked up this lovely little bag from Primark for only a couple of pounds. It's the perfect size to store some little necessities in without being so big it takes up all the room in your handbag! Really it is entirely up to you how big or small of a bag you decide to go for depending on what kind of things you are going to put inside! 

So I'll start with the beauty bits shall I?

Hairbrush - For those windy days or for when you've had to rush out in the morning without having time to brush your hair! Any miniature hairbrush will do but I really like this Tangle Angel Baby in OMG Orange as it does the trick and is super cute. What's great about these is they're only £3.95 too!

Dry Shampoo - Not a necessity as such but you never know when you may be in need of some dry shampoo! Whether you decide to go for impromptu drinks after work and your hair needs a quick refresh or you've been rained on and your hair's looking a bit sorry for itself once it's dried, this Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo is perfect for on the go and comes in a variety of scents!

Nail File - I cannot tell you the amount of times when I have been stuck with a broken nail and not had a nail file on me! What's worse is when it starts catching on everything you touch! This Metal Nail File from Boots is the perfect size to keep in your little essentials kit!

Hand Cream - Perfect for when you have dry, chapped hands from the cold Winter! This Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream miniature is the perfect size for your little hand bag kit and is a really good price at only £1 from Primark! Unfortunately Primark don't have a website so if you cannot get to one of their stores you can order it from Superdrug for a little bit more!

Compact Mirror - Again, any compact mirror will do! I'm not actually sure where this one is from as it was a gift from my Nanna as you can probably tell. However, you can pick up compact mirrors from practically anywhere, whether it be like this plain Superdrug Compact Mirror or this more jazzy  'You Look Lovely' Mirror from Peaches & Co.

Now onto the extras!

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - Again, this one was a £1 bargain from Primark and unfortunately exclusive to them but you can pick up hand gels from most places! Some others you may like are this Cuticura one from Superdrug (same brand, different scent) or this Carex one from Boots. Obviously these are not a complete alternative to washing your hands but are definitely useful for public transport etc.

Tissues - Another necessity in my eyes, pocket tissues. You never know when you're going to be caught in need of a tissue whether it be for a dripping nose or when a public toilet has run out (or, in my previous case, for when a bird poops on your head in public). Mine here were again from Primark (sorry) but any tissues will do the trick! This 12 pack from Superdrug is great value for money but if you're looking for something a bit prettier - these Boots Floral 6 pack is great!

Plasters - If you're anything like me you always get blisters from new shoes and always at the most inconvenient times! Pop a strip of plasters in your essentials kit and beat having to walk around barefoot or in pain!

Pain Relief - Whether this be Paracetamol/Ibuprofen or something more precise like Bonjela or allergy relief - you never know when you (or someone else around you for that matter) may need something! Again these take up barely any room and can really save the day!

Well, there we have everything in my little essentials kit! The great thing about this is it doesn't take up a lot of space and most importantly - it doesn't have to be expensive at all!

These little kits can be completely personalised to whoever may be using them. A couple more ideas I have thought of to put in mine would be a hair bobble or two and some hair grips.

These could even be a cute present idea! Let me know - what would you put in yours?

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