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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pamper Night Routine

Sometimes in life all you need in life is a good old pamper session to sort you out. Whether you're having a really tough time, a tiring week or you just feel like treating yourself there are a few steps you can take to get yourself feeling a bit more relaxed and a lot more refreshed. Here I have given you a sneak peek into my pamper routine and the products I use to get myself feeling that bit more human.

First up, I start with a bath. I set the water running as hot as possible and pour in some of my Sanctuary Spa Foaming Creamy Bath Soak. This just adds some lovely bubbles (who doesn't like bubbles?) and just adds some creamy natural moisturisers to the water to leave your skin feeling velvety-soft (as the bottle says). Once my bath is as full as I would like I then switch the tap(s) off and pop in a bath bomb. The one you can see here is the Bomb Cosmetics Cherry Bathe-Well Blaster and smells divine! I'm really loving the Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters recently and dare I say I actually prefer them to Lush?! After a long soak in the bath I get myself dry and the cover myself in a moisturiser. This one here is the Soap & Glory Body Buttercream in Sugar Crush and is so thick and moisturising. Not to mention it smells so amazing and fresh!

Now, I'm all clean and I have my cosiest Pj's on I move onto my face! My pamper evening is never complete without a little bit of a facial to get my skin feeling nice and revitalised. First off I start with my favourite cleansing balm which is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. I simple massage this into my dry skin and then using hot water (now I'm not saying scold yourself but do have it as warm as possible) and a flannel/muslin cloth I gently wipe it all away. After I'm all cleansed, I then choose a face mask to give my skin that extra boost. The type of mask I choose depends on how my skin is feeling at the time and what it needs. My favourite is the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Pac however the Superdrug Face Masks are also amazing and an excellent price! The last step of my facial routine is usually straight onto my Vita Coco Coconut Oil to give my skin a real moisture boost! However, if I had to be anywhere I would use my usual eye cream and moisturiser to replace this final step (as I don't think everyone would quite understand it was coconut oil on my face and not just grease!).

Last but not least is my hands! I use this time to give myself a little at home manicure with the products I have lying around. First up, I give my nails a little trim if needed (usually with straight edge clippers - not sure why I put scissors here) to get them started. Then, next I use my nail file to shape and smooth each nail ready for painting. Here I am using a Panache nail file which was gifted to me at an event, however, I also love this Multi Side Nail File and Buffer from Boots. Next up is polish! Usually I just go for a clear polish as I'm a bit lazy. Here is my all time favourite clear polish which is the Rimmel London Nail Nurse which actually comes in different variations from Stronger Nail, PerfectioNail or Nail Rescue. Once my nails are fully dry I then use a hand cream to add a last burst of moisture to the skin. Here I used the Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream  - I picked mine up from Primark for £1 but it can also be purchased at Boots,Superdrug and even Supermarkets!

So, there we have my Pamper Night Routine! Let me know do you use any of these steps in your own pamper routines? Or do you switch any of these steps up? Also let me know what is your all time favourite pamper product if you could only pick one?


  1. I LOVE pampering myself, it chills me out and makes me so happy. I love running a nice warm bath and using either Lush or Bomb Cosmetic products. I like to treat my skin, so using a facemask is a must, I agree, the ones from Superdrug are great and really affordable! I also love using hair masks, and painting my nails, however I find this such a chore I always fidget and end up smudging my nails haha! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. I do love to add in a pamper of my feet lately. With winter my tootsies are so dry, so a moisture of those, then socks on is a must. I haven't really got into the Coconut oil craze, but think I should get on it, as everyone seems to love it so much! Amazing to see others love a good home made pamper session just like me! :)

  3. For a pamper day I love applying a mask too and using a good exfoliator. I'm yet to try the Superdrug masks! :)

    Velvet Blush

  4. I love pampering sessions since I discovered Lush. A hot bath with a Lush bath bomb/bubble bar, followed by some lovely moisturiser and my fave pjs. At the moment I'm loving the Lush Rosey Cheeks fresh face mask, so I'd slap some of that on and paint my nails. We all need a pamper session from time to time make us feel more human! x x

  5. Great post, love pampering myself and that bodysoap camomile is amazing product. xoxo


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