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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Not too long ago Clare from 'treaclemoon' was kind enough to send me a bottle of their bath and shower gel for review. As I'm a big fan of treaclemoon anyway, I of course said yes, choosing a scent from their range that I have not yet tried - the honeycomb secret! Today I thought I'd give you a little review on the product and also share something new and a bit different, from treaclemoon, with you all! (hint: ever wanted to create your own bath/shower product?) 

As with all of the treaclemoon products, this bath and shower gel smells amazing and the scent instantly reminds me of a Cadbury Crunchie - *N.B. not to be eaten*.  Not to mention the packaging is super cute!

This can be used as a body wash either in the bath or shower and can also be used as a bubble bath! I definitely love using it as a bubble bath the most, however, I do tend to double up in the sense of I pour it in my bath for bubbles and also wash myself in it! This does mean I use it up a bit quicker however I love it so much so I'm not really fussed!

The bath and shower gels come in a range of scents from treaclemoon and there are also other products in the range such as body butters, body scrubs and hand washes! Something to just be aware of though, is that not all of the scents available in the bath and shower gels are available in the other products, so you will have to check which scent comes in what!

All of the bath and shower gels from treaclemoon are incredibly creamy and moisturising and I would 100% recommend them! What's even better is that these products are extremely affordable and available to buy from Tesco, so you can just pop them in with your big shop!

Now onto something a bit different. Treaclemoon have actually created an app called 'my treaclemoon creation' which enables you to design your very own treaclemoon product - every last detail of it! You can choose your colour scheme, the scent name and also the little story that comes on the front of the bottle! The app is available on Android as well as IOS/Apple and is free to download. 

As it states on the treacle moon website, the best thing about it is: - 
"Coming up with ideas isn't just for fun, either! Share your creations with us via our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #treaclemoonME and you'll be automatically entered into our monthly tombola draw with a selection of prizes to be won, from rubber ducks and treaclemoon goodies, to £100 in cash to spend on a happy day out of your choosing! And, you never know... you might even see your creation on the shelves at Tesco, with your name on the bottle!" (Quote taken from the treaclemoon website)
Now I thought I'd give you a quick insight to the app so you know what it's all about, including how to get started and a few of my very own creations!

So first up I just downloaded the app from the Apple App Store and opened it up. Once the first page had loaded I clicked the banner at the bottom which says 'Create an Account' - this then took me to the page you can see in the second picture across. 
From here I simply filled in the boxes with the relevant details and upon completion an orange tick appeared in the top right corner of the screen for my to click and move onto the next step. 
Last but not least for setting up the app I was asked if I wanted to receive notifications from the app - of course I said 'OK' however you can click 'Don't Allow' if you would prefer not to.

Now onto the fun bit. 

As you can see on this first picture - you have three tabs on the opening screen: Gallery is where you can see everyones designs (yours will appear on this page too), My Designs is where you can see only the designs you have created and Treaclemoon is where you can view treaclemoon products. 
The button at the bottom, however, is by far the best part! If you click 'Create New Design' you are then taken to the screen in picture number 2. Here, using the buttons on the left hand side, you can select the colour of your bottle and background, add a title and a product story and also add cute little imagery to finish it off.
Once you have designed it just how you want it, all you need to do it click finish and if you want to be in the chance of winning you can also share your design to your social media using the hashtag #treaclemoonME as mentioned above.

Here are a few of my designs! I think my favourite of the three is the first one, Perfect Palma Violet! The most fun part of the process was definitely writing the story! I do think I was taking it a little bit too seriously though. 

Let me know if you decide to download the 'my treaclemoon creation' app - I'd love to see your designs! Also, let me know which three of my designs you like the most, if any!

treaclemoon can be found at : Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Disclaimer - This post is not sponsored however treaclemoon kindly sent me the treaclemoon honeycomb bath and shower gel shown for review. All opinions and photographs are my own however, screenshots shown are taken from the 'my treaclemoon creation' app.


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