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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Surprise! If you read this post from last month you may remember I said that, that was the last Primula Cheese recipe post as part of the Primula Blogger Club. Well, silly me can't count and there was one more recipe post to be done! Today I'm going to give you an alternative way to use your Primula Cheese rather than just using it in a sandwich or on some crackers! Even better, it's fuss free and requires minimal ingredients! Pasty anyone?

Ingredients and tools you will need:
- Primula Cheese with Ham (100g tube)
- Whole Onion (finely chopped)
- Grated Cheese (a handful)
- Puff Pastry (Pre-Packed or Home-Made)
- Bowl
- Pastry Cutter (or anything round will work)
- Baking Tray (covered in tinfoil)
- Spoon
- Fork

Step One:
Use your pastry cutter to cut small circles from your rolled pastry. I just used this little dish to cut the circles out and it worked fine so I wouldn't worry about going to get a cutter specially! I got 8 circles from my ready rolled pastry and also had some left over which could have been rerolled if required.

Step Two:
Take your finely chopped onion and add a whole tube of Primula Cheese with Ham. Mix until completely combined. If you prefer a different Primula Cheese flavour then now would be the time to add that one instead as an alternative!

Step Three:
Lightly dab the outside of each pastry circle with a small amount of water. This will just help to stick the pastry together once you have folded it over!

Step Four:
Add half a teaspoon of the cheesy mixture to the centre of each pastry circle and fold over to make a 'half moon' shape. Lightly pat down the edges to ensure the pastry sticks.

Step Five:
As an extra optional step, use a fork to create a crimped effect on the edges of the pasty. This will also help make sure no filling comes out during the cooking process.

Step Six:
Place the pastry into the oven and cook at 200°C for roughly 15 minutes or until golden brown depending on your oven.

Alternatively, you can add extra cheese!

Add one handful of grated cheese to the onion and Primula mixture and mix thoroughly! Add the mixture to the pastry circles as above and cook as shown.

Personally I think these worked better with the extra grated cheese as it give it an extra something! Let me know what you think!

Information regarding all Primula products mentioned in this post, such as nutritional information can be found at the following link as usual:
Primula Cheese -

Primula is the perfect fridge staple and perfect for putting into a recipe to create something amazing as shown here! There are more recipes available for you to try over on the Primula website. However, if you don't fancy creating a recipe why not just squeeze some onto some crackers as a delicious snack.

Real Cheese, Real Character

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Disclaimer: This post is/was in collaboration with Primula and the Primula Blogger Programme who kindly sent me Primula Products from the range to create this post with! This post is a sponsored post through said Primula Blogger Programme, however, all opinions are my own. Any questions - please feel free to ask either below or by email/Twitter.


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