It's okay to change your mind

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Very recently I've had a few decisions to make. Some bigger than others but all relatively in the same kind of field. Life choices if you will. Now, as always, with decisions comes opinions from others. Mostly negative, that I can live with. What gets me is the 'before' comments. You know, the '...but you didn't want to do that before' or the 'You liked that before' or even 'You said that before'. Sometimes people don't even need to say it, you just know it's racing through their minds.

This got me to thinking... why do people judge you for changing your mind? That was 'before', not now. Why is changing your mind such a bad thing? I admit I have been one to do this in the past but as I've gotten older I feel like I've grown out of it. However, this isn't the case for everyone.

Now this counts for a number of different situations, from the hobbies you have to the people you associate with and even to the foods you eat. Everyone changes their mind at some point surely? When you were younger you may have hated sports and then as an adult you may run marathons. One day you may love a certain drink and then a few weeks on your tastes may have changed. You may say you don't want to speak to someone but then circumstances may change and you could become closer than ever. That's just life. It's unpredictable and it's mad but you've got to roll with the punches.

Even more so, you may say something, change your mind and then change it back again. That's ok too.

"If you can't change your mind then you're not using it!"

So, I guess I'm just saying, it's okay to change your mind. Providing you are doing it for yourself.  Providing it makes you happy. Yes, people may have things to say, they may be confused and they may even be upset. But that's their problem, not yours.  You should never be made to feel bad for growing. It doesn't mean you've failed, you've lied or you're confused. It just means you've had a change of heart, change in taste or even a change in direction!

After all, as people often say, in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take. When you're older you're going to regret not doing things just because you were scared of what others may say.

Change your mind twenty times over, make new memories everyday - sometimes you may even make mistakes along the way. Never feel bad for your choices though, because at the time it was what you wanted.

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