My Tattoo Story - 1 year on

Saturday, April 23, 2016

On 6th March 2015 I headed to Hull full of nerves about to get my first ever tattoo. Now, just over a year later, I thought it was time to share my little 'tattoo story' and give it it's first (I think) feature on my blog!

So, a quick explanation of the actual tattoo and how it came about - I have always liked tattoos but I never knew if I would be brave enough to get one. Partially because of the pain and then also because I get bored easily. Flashback to 2010 - I lost a very close and important family member and it really tore my world apart. I never have, nor will be, been the same person since then for a number of reasons. Anyway, at the funeral they played the Charlie Chaplin/Nat King Cole song - Smile. Basically, ever since that day, this song has stayed with me. The lyrics mean so much to me and in my darkest moments I know I need to smile regardless, and that's what my Auntie Jackie would have wanted.

Smile, though your heart is aching. 
Smile, even though it's breaking.

When it came to the actual tattoo idea, at first I was tempted to get those two sentences from the song.   This, however, would have required a lot more body space which for me felt like a lot more commitment. I also had to think about the practical side of things with work etc. This is when I just decided to have 'Smile' - it requires a little more explaining as it isn't immediately obvious but sentimental for me. 

Then I spent weeks and weeks researching and changing up my ideas but never booking anything. Until I decided I wanted it doing and I wanted it doing on the anniversary of her death. Needless to say, I had a little trouble finding somewhere to fit me in so last minute as this was literally 2 days before but I got there in the end!

Font in mind and anxiety kicking in I headed over to the tattoo place and I took one last look at my bare wrist. After all, it was never going to look the same ever again. Next I filled in some forms, got given some information and paid in advance so I could leave as soon as I felt ready after the tattoo. No more than about 5/10 minutes later - it was done! I'll be honest, I fidgeted (ALOT) and it hurt even more but in that moment I was so pleased!

The healing process wasn't actually that bad. There was minimal itching and the care instructions were simply to wash it with a non fragrance body wash and to use a very thin layer of Bepanthen cream on it regularly but not too often. I had barely any scabbing and the tattoo seemed fully healed after about 4 weeks. Once fully healed however my mind did begin to change. No regrets at all just that niggling thought in the back of my mind!

Looking back I am both happy and disappointed with my overall tattoo journey. I am so pleased with the positioning of the tattoo - it is easily covered with a watch for work purposes yet it's a place where I can see it everyday. However, as you can see, my tattoo is not like the font I chose and it is, honestly, very scruffy. This is the most disappointing part. 

Had I known then what I know now, I would have definitely gone with a different tattoo artist and I would have made sure at the time the tattoo was exactly how I wanted it. Personally, I would prefer the text joined up as it is in the print screen I took and I would like the letters thinner so it looked more delicate.At the moment I am looking into getting the tattoo re-worked in some way but I am still in love with the sentiment behind it. I would never remove it completely because it does mean so much to me and I still do want it, just not how it is now! Like I said, no regrets just disappointment!

All I can say is, if you are looking at getting a tattoo yourself, be 100% on the design you want and make sure you thoroughly research tattooists! To all the people who told me this before I went ahead and got mine done - now's your chance to say I told you so!

Let me know, do you have any tattoos? If so, would you change anything about them?

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Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own. I have not named any specific tattooist as I don't want to cause any offence, I am simply sharing my story.


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