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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Very recently I was invited to Unique Salon at Beverley to try Wella's brand new System Professional range which uses the new ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX which is tailored to each individuals very own hair energy. Today I thought I would share my experience with you all and give you a sneak peak inside the salon!

Photo Credit (It was dark outside by the time I left and no amount of editing can save the photo I took!)

So, upon arrival I was greeted by most of the team at the reception desk and was then taken to one side by the lovely Emma who confirmed I was in for a blow dry. Emma was so friendly and was easy to talk to straight away - asking if I was going anywhere nice and then showing an interest when I explained to her that I'm a blogger! 

One of the biggest things when going to a salon, for me, is whether the staff are friendly and make me feel comfortable or not and I have to say every single member of staff I came across at Unique was amazing! Big win in my eyes and definitely had me thinking I would return!

After initial greetings, Emma sat me down and we got onto my hair! Emma had an iPad with the System Professional app on and we went through a series of questions which would result in me finding out my personalised ENERGYCODE. The app asked questions such as, how often do I wash my hair, what 'problems' do I have with my hair and also what products I use on the regular. 

As expected, my hair needed a bit of TLC - I'm a nightmare for using heat on it everyday and very rarely adding moisture back into it. I struggle with frizziness and although my hair is thick - I never say no to extra volume! Oh, and did I mention I'm very sensitive too? That's why my energycode read as follows...

S1 - Smoothen Shampoo - 'For clients with coarse hair that is difficult to tame, feels dry or is unmanageable. Also for curly hair which needs control and elasticity and hair that tends to frizz and reacts to high humidity.'

B3 - Balance Mask - 'An intense weekly treatment that deeply moisturizes the scalp and relieves discomfort with a soothing Dermacalm Complex. It strengthens the skin‘s protective barrier, while hair conditioning active ingredients leave a soft touch to the hair.'

X4L - Liquid Hair - 'Liquid Hair was especially developed for sensitized and fragile hair with its ability to reconstruct the hair fiber and reinforcing hair, with selected amino acids, the building blocks of hair’s keratin. It gives your client’s hair more resilience and vitality. It is therefore also suitable for clients with fine damaged hair due to its lightweight formulation.'

L4 - LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir - 'Transforms and reconstructs the hair from the inside out, with immediate results. The exceptional oil protects the hair against drying out, provides long-lasting smoothness. it also gives additional shine to the hair.'

R5 - Repair Perfect Hair - 'Hair is up to 10 times more sensitive to damage when it is wet. When exposed to heat the hair needs protection against heat and mechanical damage during the blow-dry. System Professional Perfect Hair provides hair with volume and improves its structure.'

Once we found out what my hair really needed and had a talk through the products a bit more, Emma lead me into the hidden wash room which is known as the spa room. After refreshing me through the steps she was going to take, Emma explained that it was now going to go quiet in order for me to really relax. This is something I really loved as it's not often you get to just have a pamper and some quiet time! The whole room was really lovely and I could just faintly hear music in the background whilst I had my hair washed and a little head massage! (Just saying - head massages are so underrated! I could have sat there for hours!)

The next step was the blow dry itself! Emma actually commented on how good my hair was feeling already which made me super happy! I struggle with my hair on the daily so knowing I could take these few steps to improve it was amazing.

Emma asked how I would like my hair styled and then went on to ask how long my hair usually lasts after styling! For me, my hairstyle can last all day but as soon as I sleep I wake up looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! So, I was given a few tips on what to do in the situation which was really helpful!

This was the completed look - look at that volume!!! Sorry for the awful picture, it was so dark by the time I had left the salon! All in all I was 100% happy with my Unique experience and I would return again without a doubt! My blow dry did in fact last 2 days (which for me is amazing) using the tricks Emma taught me and my hair felt so much better after just the one 'treatment'! I can't wait to get on with using my samples and I have a sneaky suspicion I might end up ordering full sizes of everything!

A massive thank you to Unique Salon and Emma in particular!

Unique can be found at : Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Disclaimer: This post is not/was not sponsored in any way however the treatment and samples provided were of no charge from Unique Salons. All photos (unless stated otherwise) are my own and any quotes taken from the System Professional website are all linked and credited. All opinions are completely my own. Any questions - please feel free to ask either below or by email/Twitter.


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