Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello there, long time no see! Unfortunately, blogging has taken a bit of back seat recently and today actually marks 3 whole weeks without posting. I'll admit, part of me feels a bit disappointed in myself as I had got onto such a good schedule and it was having such a positive effect on my stats. On the other hand though, I don't regret it one bit.

As with everything in life, sometimes you just have to prioritise depending on what you have going on in your life at that current time. Personally, I would rather put my full heart and dedication into the things that are most important rather than trying to take on too many things at once and doing them all half-heartedly. This goes for my blog too, I would much rather post nothing at all then post something that I am not 100% happy with and could be done much better.

So, I guess I should explain what I have actually been prioritising these past 3 weeks. I mentioned briefly and/or hinted slightly at most of them in this post but I guess now's as good a time as any to go into a tad more detail - after all I kind of owe you!

Well to start off, I have a boyfriend! (I won't lie, I feel a bit cringy saying it like that but let's role with it!) I won't be broadcasting who/what/when etc as, for one - it's all very new and secondly we're both keeping some privacy - not everything should be shared on the internet! Maybe occasionally he will make an odd appearance in photos on my blog or social media but that will be about it! What I will say is that it's a new-old thing if that makes sense but everything is 'version 2.0' and I'm extremely happy! As you can understand, all new relationships take dedication in order to make things work and if that meant giving blogging a bit of a break in order to see each other in our free time between work then that's what I was willing to do! So far, so good though so I guess that paid off!
Next up, this weekend just gone my auntie and uncle finally tied the knot! It has been a very long time coming (I'm talking years) but the day finally came! I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid which obviously meant lots of prep etc in the run up to the wedding and making sure I put my complete all into helping make sure everything ran smoothly. Understandably, family comes first - always. So I guess that kind of explains itself! The day was a huge success and I'm so pleased!

Again, as I mentioned in this post, my social life has miraculously taken a turn for the best and I have actually been able to socialise with my new extended group of friends! Previously my anxiety would stop me from being able to get myself out there - from meeting new people and even hanging out with old friends - so as you can imagine I am completely making the most of it! This, however, has not only had a knock on effect on my blogging but also my bank balance - oops! Although I am going to cut back a bit on this one (well cut back on the spending side) - I am happier than ever and shall continue to kick anxieties butt!
So here's just a little insight as to where I've been hiding recently! Before I go though, there is something I would like to know! What would you like to see on my blog? I have a fair few frequent commenters and I would love to know what you'd like to see or even let me know what my favourite post(s) of mine have been so I know what kind of topic to go for!

Thank you for sticking by me and hopefully this marks the start of me getting back onto the blogging bandwagon!

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