Friday 13th Tattoo

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

As you may remember from this post, up until recently I only had one tattoo - one I wasn't all that pleased with at that. However, exactly two months ago today that all changed and if I'm honest, I'm still excited about it now! Today I'm going to share with you my 'brand new' Friday 13th Tattoo!

So, obviously I had my tattoo on Friday 13th June and if I'm honest it was a very last minute decision. A local tattooist posted a flash sheet on Instagram on the 12th and instantly I was drawn to the anchor but thought there was no way I could book in for one! Later that day I mentioned it to my boyfriend and straight away he booked a different for himself! Within about 5 minutes I had suddenly gotten very courageous and asked him to ring back and book me a slot too!

That was that, we made our way to the tattoo shop on the 13th full of sugary drinks and a Mars bar each and not long after we both walked away with brand new ink! I have to say I think I freaked myself out way too much beforehand because I was so anxious about the pain but it didn't even really hurt! I would definitely say it was less painful than my last tattoo!

Now my tattoo is completely healed (healing time was about 2/3 weeks - I cared for it in the same way as my first tattoo and there was minimal scabbing again!) I can honestly say I am 100% happy with it including placement and design! I am really pleased I chose to have it black and white and I can't wait to have my legs out in summer now as I think it will look so cute!

An anchor for me represents grounding/stability in a rough situation. As you probably know, I live with anxiety everyday so I can really relate to this.

Let me know what you think! Would you ever have a last minute tattoo?!
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