Ox Pasture Hall, Scarborough

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to have a little break away to the seaside and while we were there I managed to snap a fair few photographs! Today I thought I would share with you a little bit about the country hotel in Scarborough, Yorkshire that we stayed in, as well as what there is to get up to in the surrounding area.

So, after a few hours travelling by train and taxi we finally arrived in Scarborough and headed straight to the beach, suitcase and all! First stop, ice cream! The weather was so hot so it was really nice to be able to sit and cool down with a 'lemon top' and the view of the lovely beach. After half an hours rest we decided to book a taxi and head to our hotel, Ox Pasture Hall. Ox Pasture Hall was simply a 10 minute drive from Scarborough seafront so it's a really convenient place to stay if you want a nice peaceful stay with the ease of being close by to the town too.

Upon arrival at Ox Pasture Hall we were greeted by a really friendly lady on reception who instantly made us feel welcomed. We were asked about our journey to Ox Pasture Hall and then offered a nice  cold drink and a sit down while she went to confirm our room was all prepared for us. It was really lovely sitting in the courtyard area with the sun shining and a refreshing drink. The photo above shows said view from the courtyard area which leads on from the bar.

Once the drinks had been finished we were then greeted by a friendly chap and taken to our luxury suite. We were place in Room 24 - Tadcaster. The suite was divided into 3 rooms/sections and was really spacious with plenty of windows which were letting in lots of light (blogger bonus!). There was the living area which we came to as soon as we entered the room - this consisted of a dressing table/desk area, a TV and sofa as well as a cabinet with a stereo system and refreshment making facilities. On the left there was then the bedroom area which had a huge amazing bed (seriously I'm not sure if it was Queensize or what but I want one at home!) as well as a wardrobe and another TV. Then back through the living room and to the right was the bathroom - again I am insanely jealous but I'll get onto that a bit further down.

Room 24 - Tadcaster

 Refreshment making facilities in the living area. Here we had tea, coffee and hot chocolate (completely with milk and sugar) as well as water and biscuits!

 How amazing is this bed?! I love that the room was really neutral with the huge windows. It was so peaceful and felt really luxury!

So, the bathroom! I couldn't resist running myself a huge bath and I certainly wasn't disappointed! Alternatively there was also a wet room style shower which my boyfriend used and he was pretty amazed by the shower head! In the bathroom there was also a 'his and hers' sink area which I thought was a lovely added extra! (oh, and obviously there was a toilet but there isn't anything exciting about that, right?). The whole bathroom looked really quite posh if I'm honest!

After a relaxing bath we decided to take a stroll around the grounds. There is a path you can follow under beautiful wooden arches which gives you a tour of the land. Along the way we managed to meet a group of birds who were all chilling by the pond but thankfully they were pretty unfazed by us both. It was such a lovely walk with some pretty amazing views on such a sunny day and it would definitely be something I would recommend if you ever visited Ox Pasture Hall.

Later on in the day but before our evening meal we decided to explore the area surrounding the hotel - Scarborough. We again took a taxi to the seafront and weaved in and out of the amusements for a while. We even found a huge arcade which had three floors and after going right to the top we ended up having two rounds of bowling! As you can see I won the first game so obviously I had to take photographic evidence. (I however didn't win the second game but let's not talk about that) All in all it was a really fun afternoon and would be great for the family too!

After a gorgeous afternoon in Scarborough it was then time for food! In all honestly, it was so unbelievably tempting to buy a fish and chips on the seafront because that's just tradition when visiting the seaside but instead we booked in for an evening meal at the hotel.

We were lucky enough to be able to sample the A La Carte menu. All in all we received 7 courses (woah) and I have to be honest this was something neither of us had experience before. I don't remember exactly what eat dish was called but I will tell you briefly what everything was and what we thought of it!

Course One - Goat's Cheese and Cranberry. Unfortunately, probably the only dish I didn't like. The goats cheese was sadly just too strong for us both!
Course Two - Sourdough bread with homemade butter and dripping. So yummy and enjoyed by both of us! A lovely course to have along side of the main etc.
Course Three - Pigs Head. I actually really enjoyed this and cleared my plate much to my amazement. The flavours were strong but not at all overpowering.
Course Four - Saltmarsh Lamb. This was stunning and I'm so happy I chose it as my main. The flavours really were amazing and this was by far one of my favourite dishes.
Course Five - Rhubarb with rose hip. This dish was so nice I forgot to take a photo of it (so annoyed at myself)! This was another palette cleanser and had small pieces of cake throughout. I would have easily eaten more!
Course Six - Chefs Chocolate Aero with cherry. This was my boyfriends absolute favourite dish and he cleared his plate within seconds! The chef had created his own 'Aero' using dark chocolate and this was then accompanied by a chocolate mousse, cherry sauce as well as fresh cherries. 
Course Seven - The Climax. Genuinely my favourite thing about the whole stay at Ox Pasture Hall. The chef brought out liquid nitrogen and a bowl as well as the ingredients to make eucalyptus enfaced macaroons (without telling us what it all was). He then made the macaroons in the liquid nitrogen in front of us and told us to place the whole thing in our mouth at once! It was amazing! There was smoke everywhere and the macaroons themselves tasted amazing too!

Breakfast the following morning didn't disappoint either! There was a table along the back wall with a large selection of cereals, spreads and drinks. There was then also a menu on our table with hot food and drink options. I went for the sweet porridge which was delicious! I think it was actually made with brown sugar but I may be wrong! My boyfriend opted for the Full English (no mushrooms) - he said it was nice too but he would have liked more hash brown etc (greedy guts haha!)

All in all we really quite enjoyed our stay at Ox Pasture Hall and could not fault the staff one bit! The room and grounds were absolutely stunning too. The only thing I would say is that it was very much unlike our usual scene and honestly, quite posh, so we did feel a tad out of place. However, should you fancy a luxury weekend away in a beautiful hotel with lovely staff and restaurant star food I would definitely recommend you to visit here!

Once we had checked out of the hotel we went back to Scarborough town to enjoy the rest of our stay. We visited Peasholm Park, Scarborough Sea Life Centre and even took a trip on an open top bus! Another fantastic day out and somewhere I would 100% recommend families to visit!

Let me know, have you visited Ox Pasture Hall or Scarborough? If not, where would you recommend we visit next?
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Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored and all opinions and photographs are my own. However, our stay at Ox Pasture Hall (including one nights stay in the luxury suite, one evening meal and one breakfast) was completely free of charge in exchange for my full and honest review.


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