New Beginnings

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Back in my 'Guess Who's Back' post I mentioned that I was moving in with my boyfriend. Well, that blog post was actually 5 weeks ago now and our moving day week (we blagged it a bit) has been and gone. The boxes are in and I'm all settled so I thought I'd do a little post on what we've done with the place. 

My other half had actually lived in the house for about a year before but had never really done anything decorating wise as it was all pretty neutral anyway. We decided for a proper fresh start and to make it nicer for us we would completely gut the house and redo everywhere! 

Out with the old and in with the new. 

In the living room we debated for ages about which colour to go for - we didn't want anything too  extreme nor boring but knew we wanted a change! We decided to give all the walls a fresh lick of paint in the magnolia colour but do something different with the chimney breast! We found a tin of Dulux in the colour 'Blue Reflection' and loved it straight away. Then we chose new cushions from The Range to match and my parents treat us to the amazing rug!

In the kitchen we went for sleek black and silver. I went a bit mad over Russell Hobbs and we bought the matching trio of Kettle, Toaster and Microwave which I think looks so good! Our little biscuit jar is from Ikea and we've even replaced the cutlery, dinnerware and drinks containers. We both enjoy cooking so it's actually really nice to have all new.

The 'spare room' had always been used as a bit of a drop off point so we finally made it into a fully functioning bedroom! The Mr's bed went into the room so we are able to have guests over without making them sleep on the sofa and the wardrobe etc came from my old room. If we don't have friends/family staying I get to use this as a bit of a dressing room which I love as I can do my hair and makeup without getting in the way!

The bathroom got some new paint on the walls with new bath mats, shower curtains and accessory holders - all lovely but possibly not photo worthy (it is just a bathroom after all).

Now all thats left to do is our bedroom! We have the bed from my house because it's lush if I do say so myself and we've bought some bed side lamps to escape the 'you got into bed last' light drama before bed. My parents let me bring my TV from home so that's been put in there too so we would just like to buy some new curtains and get some little bedside tables and then we're all done.

I've actually really enjoyed being able to do the whole house up and it's been amazing to see how much rubbish we have gotten rid of. Every surface from top to bottom has been scrubbed and I can safely the whole house has been given a fresh start. Just me, the Mr, our animals and our gorgeous new stuff!

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us recently. We couldn't do it without you! Esp my parents, the Mr's sister and best friend who have helped us completely redo the house and make it our home!



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