2016 - The Best Bits

Saturday, January 7, 2017

With the first week of 2017 coming to and end I thought now would be the perfect time to look back at my favourite memories of last year.  Here are my 16 best bits of 2016!

19/01 - Style File HDM - My blog started out 2016 in the best way possible and I was featured on a full page in the Hull Daily Mail for 'Style File'.

13-02 - 21st Birthday - I had an amazing weekend for my 21st Birthday - celebrating with family and friends with lots of drink and even more food!

19-04 - <3 - Soppy but in April, Kallum and I got together. My favourite part of 2016 hands down.

13-05 - Tattoo - On Friday 13th I took the plunge and had tattoo number 2! An anchor which I adore (even if my nanna doesn't).

21-05 - Wedding - My Auntie and Uncle finally said 'I Do' after many years of being together and I was lucky enough to be their bridesmaid.

09-06 - Hull Bloggers - Furley & Co - Second exciting blog-related thing to happen to me in 2016, I attended the Hull Bloggers event at Furley & Co and carried around a food baby for the rest of the day after too much freak shake!

29-06 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Me and my mum went to Sheffield to see Carrie Hope Fletcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We laughed and cried throughout and then Carrie tweeted me back after the show! (I fan-girled)

17/07 - Scarborough - Back at it with the blog, Kallum and I went to Scarborough for the weekend and were lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Ox Pasture Hall. Possibly on the hottest weekend of the year.

19/07 - New Job - I finally found a Full Time Job which I love! I can actually say for once in my life that I could see myself working there forever.

23/07 - Bridlington - Another cheeky weekend away, this time a treat from Kallum. We enjoyed fish and chips on the sea front and wasted coppers in the amusements. The train ride home was spent with funny looks from other passengers due to the giant stuffed unicorn we brought back with us.

29/07 - Work Night Out - After only a couple of weeks working there, I enjoyed an amazing night out with my new work colleagues. Too many shots and cocktails were consumed and a headache was suffered the next day.

16/08 - Zoo - A family trip to one of my favourite places - ever. I got to see my faves - the giraffes and we were blessed with sun throughout.

01/09 - Napoleons Casino - The last big blog related event of the year, Napoleons Casino invited myself and some of my other Hull Blogger friends for an evening of Dining in Style. I actually came out money up!

06-10 - Moving In - The plunge was taken and I moved out of my family home for the first time to live with Kallum. Some people may say it was too soon but I'm loving every minute and we've really made the place our own!

01/12 - New Car - A new sense of freedom, a car! We now have Dolly the Dacia sat outside our house and can take as many late night Maccies trips as we like!

--/12 - December - My favourite month of the year, December was enjoyed with my favourite Family and Friends. Too much food was consumed and I hoovered up too much glitter from the floor from our Christmas Decs. The best month ever with many cosy nights spent curled up munching 'Christmas Chocolate' with the tree lights on.

So there were my 16 favourite moments of 2016. Let me know what was your best moment of last year?

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