An Evening of Mediumship

Friday, October 20, 2017

As you may have seen me mention if you follow me on Twitter, last night I attended a Mediumship evening in my town. I had seen it advertised on Facebook and it was only a fiver to get in - worth a shot right? Off me and mum went at 7pm not knowing what on earth was going to happen - now I've been, I thought I would share my experience with you and give opportunity for any of you to share your experiences too.

So first off I would just like to say the venue this was in was absolutely beautiful - I actually wouldn't mind it as a wedding reception venue. The walls were plain brickwork and everything was dark wood with fairy lights strung around. Stunning.

On to the Medium/Spiritualist - First off we were only expecting one guy but there was actually a man and a woman. In my eyes (at the beginning) - more chance to get a message. Now I don't actually know if I believe in all of these 'message from a spirit' type things but secretly I was hoping I would get something, anything to make me believe in it more. If i'm honest I did really want a 'message' from my Gramps or Auntie Jackie but anyway...

The guy starts talking - he directs at a cluster of about 7 people and says he has connected with an 'Arthur' - 'does Arthur resonate with any of you ladies?'. Nothing. 'Ok we will leave that one for now'.
This then carried on for an hour and a half (it actually ran over by 10 minutes or so but we won't dwell on that) pulling out names, dates and situations and aiming them at different clusters of people. many looking completely blank at this guy.

Now the lady, she only seemed to be talking to people she knew - 'This is hard because I know you so I know the names I'm giving you are right but '.....' says he loves you'. To me this just made me believe less. Of course she knew background on those people, she knew them, it wasn't necessarily a spirit telling her. She was also very quiet which made it hard to hear in a room full of 70+ people but she would possibly be better at one to one readings.

I will be completely honest and say at one point in the evening a lady seemed to connect with everything the guy was saying. Every name and situation that came from his mouth, she had lived. He also very briefly said he had connected with a child spirit - this did make the lady it was aimed at, me and about 10 other people shed a tear. Even if the man was making it up, the situation was very sensitive.

All in all I have to say I would be very sceptical to go to another event like this. I wanted to leave feeling 'connected' but I just left feeling completely disappointed. As mentioned, the chap was just trying different groups of people with the same words - Arthur, Peter, July, Car Problems, a Tough Time. It all just felt like he was using very popular situations/names and trying them in hopes one of us would relate. Then the lady was just speaking with people from the audience she knew. All very disappointing.

I would however love to know if any of you have been to a medium/spiritualist/fortune teller in the past and had a good experience? Maybe these guys were just warming up?

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