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* Could You Be A Wedding Planner?

There are many careers out there in a creative industry, and one of the most sought-after, highly pressured careers is that of a wedding planner. Wedding planning isn’t just about organising a wedding and that’s that. The whole role is one of experiences. You need to be an advisory ear for the bride and groom. You need to be the voice of the bridal party for each aspect of the wedding and you need to be able to be super organised. It’s such a popular career, that there are wedding planning agencies all over the world that hire in talented individuals to manage the weddings of brides across their books.

The most positive thing about the role of a wedding planner is that you will never find yourself out of work. People will always get married, and a vast majority of people will want someone to help them along on their way. It’s a big privilege, to be a part of such a huge day for a couple. You get to be the hand that sees everything run smoothly on a huge day and while the job itself is full of ups and downs, long days and stresses, it’s one that comes with a lot of reward. You’ll get to deal with Bentley wedding car companies, Paper Themes wedding invites and stationery, bridal dress shops and companies and you will get to meet other people with the same passion you have. Companies that employ wedding planners are often looking for smart, tenacious go-getters that aren’t afraid of a challenge. You have to be ready and willing to learn, as well as be able to think on your feet. It’s not a job for the meek or faint of heart, and you need to be comfortable with last minute changes.

Most couples will hire a wedding planner to take care of their big day up to two years before the event. This is a wonderful, secure way to get work, but you do rule out making any long-term plans for yourself if you accept work this far ahead. Any vacations cannot be taken on the same day you have a wedding booked, and you also would need to miss any weddings from your own family. Think carefully about any work you may pick up, because you have to ensure that it can fit in with your own life, too. Spontaneity in your life is something you absolutely must be comfortable with. Things change very quickly in the wedding world and you have to be someone who can keep on top of those changes without upsetting the wedding you are planning – or the bride. If you have the sort of tenacity to be able to handle that, as well as nerves of steel to handle the constant changes, then it’s something you should absolutely be looking into.

Long term commitment refers as much to the life of a wedding planner as it does to the couple that has just hired your services. You need to remember that while your couple has signed on the dotted line of their contract, you now have to deal with that couple for the next twelve to eighteen months. You will not always have easy clients to handle, and weddings are so high-stress that while you’ve been hired to arrange everything according to the wishes of the couple, that doesn’t mean you won’t be dealing with a high maintenance bride who wants to micromanage everything you do. Sometimes, this can be tedious to cope with, so you will have to learn to be firm and explain that this is your profession, and this is what you do. You need to be committed, even to the most difficult clients.

Weddings have to be a passion of yours before you can even begin to think that turning to wedding coordination is a good idea. You need to be able to think on your feet about the type of catering that could feature in the wedding you are planning. You need to learn the Victorian language of flowers so that when your bride asks your recommendation, you can explain that yellow tulips are the symbol for hopeless devotion. These little details can really prove your passion as a wedding planner and about weddings as a whole. You need to get excited about all aspects of a wedding, because if there anything out there in the world of weddings that you don’t like, it will be picked up very quickly and be fairly obvious. You need an eye for beautiful products in this job, and if you have this alongside an air of poise and professionalism, you will end up as one of the most sought-after planners out there.

One of the best things about wedding planning is getting to know the various suppliers out there, building a fantastic rapport with them and eventually being able to garner discounts. Wedding coordination isn’t just dealing with indecisive brides and weepy mothers of the bride. It’s dealing with venue staff, catering companies and various people in the profession in the most polite but brilliant way. Your assertiveness should come naturally to you, but politeness is what cinches the best deals and gets you the recommendations from the suppliers that you use. You are going to be leading vendors both before and on the wedding day itself, and you need to be the right person who can do that in a way that doesn’t let on when there is a crisis.

Lastly, the one thing that you need as a wedding planner is an ability to have excellent attention to detail. Your clients are hiring you for your eye for detail, your ability to have an ear on the ground for the upcoming trends in weddings and the way that you are able to make everyone and everything look fantastic at all times. Your natural charm is going to get you this role, and you need to be ready for anything that comes your way.

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