Saturday, 11 November 2017

* Kitchen Hacks For Easier Cooking Times

If you live indoors, it’s very likely you’ve had some misadventures in the kitchen. Whether it be eggshell in the cake mix, blue plasters on your thumb, or even setting the frying pan on fire when you’re nowhere near the stove. Maybe it’s time for a bit of a masterclass to make your need to eat a little easier?

Having a good night in at home is the new trend, as sometimes the money and travel of going out just isn’t worth the possible fun you could have in the back of a club. So it’s time to stay in and perfect the art of using the kitchen to its maximum potential, and pretend you’re on one of those cooking shows. Here’s some cooking hacks you really should learn.

Haven’t Got the Hang of Clingfilm?

We’ve all been there: trying to desperately peel away the clingfilm from the the rest of the roll only for it to number one, not work, and number two, pull off stringy bits that just won’t cover the plate of leftovers we’re saving for lunch tomorrow.

To outdo these dangerous wiles, try throwing any wrapping material you have in the fridge when you’re not using it, as the cold actually makes it easier to get a handle on the end of the roll.

The Knives Just Won’t Work?

Blunt knives, whilst sounding safer, are actually more dangerous to use in the kitchen. We have to press harder into the cheese and risk lopping off our little fingers when we slip, and it just makes a mess of the meat and gets meat juice everywhere over the counter. So we need to sharpen them at least once a month.

Get yourself either a knife sharpener and rub away, or you can check out some tips to professionally sharpen your cooking knives, as the pros are going to have more insight than any cooking book we could pick up from the charity shop.

Sick of Seeing Floating Fat?

When we attempt to make our own soups, or use a bit of stock when we have guests round and we want to impress with a good roast dinner, sometimes we get that weird floating scum on the top of our concoctions. Trying to get rid of it can prove a tough move, and that means we can lose a lot of what we want to actually eat along with it.

Use ice cubes. Grab some kitchen roll, wrap up some cubes in a piece, and drag the improvised equipment across the top of the liquid. It solidifies the fat, and that makes it so much easier to scoop out. You can go one better and grab some bread to dip in and remove it with, as it’s incredibly tasty!

Grab a knife and try some chopping tricks to make carrots quicker to get through! There’s plenty of different tips and tricks to learn to get better in a kitchen, so use this list as a quick head start.

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