Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I know 100+ people have said this already but how satisfying that 2018 has started on a Monday?! A fresh start, a new week, a new year.

I'm not mad on New Year's Resolutions, really. The usual 'go to the gym everyday' type resolutions don't work with me and the thought is often better than the reality (as in I literally just think of a few  and then sit on my back side for the next 12 months). However, there is nothing wrong with setting a few goals as a type of motivations for the year ahead.

This year I have decided to spend less time with people that I don't enjoy spending time with or doing things I don't enjoy doing. Now this may seem like such an everyday thing to do. Common sense right? However, time and time again I find myself  in situations that I just don't enjoy. Spending time wishing I was just at home rather than in the company I'm in. I refuse to do it any longer. If this means spending more time inside watching movies or reading a good book then so be it. I want to spend 2018 as positive as possible.

That being said, the same goes for allowing toxic people in my life. No more spending time with people who give me 'bad vibes'. Often my gut feeling is right and I've really learnt that in 2017 having been put in negative situations. I won't be spending time with them and I won't be allowing them to get in my head. Go take your negative vibes somewhere else, girl tryna chill.

As with every year, I aim to blog more. Think jordancourtney 2015. Truth is, I miss the satisfaction and I miss the interaction. Having multiple posts go out a week and receiving great feedback from both fellow bloggers and companies gave me such a buzz and I miss that so much. I made so many amazing friends from the events I was lucky enough to attend and I am hoping that in 2018 I can at least make a start at kick starting it all up again with some motivation and a lot of hard work.
I want to blog more about things I love, take it back to blogging as a passion and less because I feel like I have to.

Last but not least, I just want to work on being happy. Whether this is being able to buy a first house or working on my nail business. Even if it's just being more positive and spending more time doing things I love then at least that will be one goal completed. So here's to 2018. A generally happier me spending more time doing things I actually love with people I genuinely care about.

One last time, Happy New Year! What are your 2018 resolutions/goals?

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