A Day of Reflection

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

When I end up having too much time alone, I dwell. I sit and think of anything and everything and as a result I usually end up in a stinking mood because I've thought of everything bad that's happened in my whole entire life. Pitiful. Today, however, I had a little moment of madness and my too much time alone left me feeling so happy and content. Here's why. 

Last year was awful, well, 90% of it anyway. However, if I hadn't have seen every bad day that I did I wouldn't be enjoying 2018 as much as I am today.

Last year saw me working at an opticians 5 days a week. A job which I initially loved but as people and job roles/targets change I unfortunately found myself dreading daily. This lead me to my passion of nails which, although is on the back burner momentarily, is something I hope to build a stable future on eventually. This also lead me to a job which others may look down upon as not good enough, but I absolutely adore. Just before Christmas I started as a 'Festive Temp' and have just been notified they want to keep me on permanently. A win win when you look at the bigger picture.

Me and my partner rented last year and although we loved the little house, the street wasn't the best. My partner had also lived in this house previously with his ex and although it may seem childish, it just didn't feel like my house. After a lot of talking we actually decided to move in with my parents in order to save the money (which would have been paying rent) for a mortgage. I was so sad leaving my little salon behind but I knew it had to be done. This was actually Kallums idea which I was very surprised and sceptical about but it's working out so well and we're already seeing our deposit grow. This will mean we will eventually have a house that we own that we both chose together. Perfect.

Finally, last year I lost the best man of the family, my Gramps. My heart shattered into a million pieces but deep down I know he would never want for us to be sad and god, would he be proud of us. Of all the awful things 2017 threw at me, this was by far the worst but the one I must try dwell on the least. That's why in 2018 I aim to live every day to the fullest and have a much better year than last, no matter how hard it may be.

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