How Safe is Your Space?

Friday, January 19, 2018

Question. How often do you think about how safe the space around you is? For example your home or work environment? My guess is that, unless you have children in the family/of your own, you don't really give it much of a second thought. Today I'm going to try change that and have a look at how we can make our everyday space just a little bit safer.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you probably know that my partner and I have moved back with my parents to save for a mortgage. Luckily for us, my mums on it with cleaning etc and having a 10 year old in the house means that things are quite safe already. I can't help but look around the room though and notice a few things that definitely have the risk factor.

Dog Toys
Not quite sure if this is a bit of a silly one but in terms of a risk assessment, there is definitely a hazard, right? If your house is anything like ours, dog toys are littered through the house and garden to keep the dogs occupied whenever they please. The amount of times I have stood on one or tripped over one, however, is not ideal. I think to avoid any injury, a really good idea for this is to purchase a little (low to the ground) toy box. That way, the lid can be left opened for the dogs to help themselves (or for you to grab a few for a little play time) but then there's always a safe place for them. This should mean no more swearing when step on a ball and go flying!

Electrical Wires
Now, my partner usually has about 4 different games consoles plugged into the TV at any one time. At 2 cables per console and then a Fire Stick plugged in you're looking at, at least, 10 cables traipsing from the back of your TV cabinet to wherever the nearest plug socket is. This is a pretty obvious one but this is of course a major trip hazard, not to mention the fact that any curious animals could end up getting caught up in it all and either pulling everything down or even worse, seriously injuring themselves. In order to keep these not only safer but looking a bit neater you can pick up a really handy cable tidy for just a few pounds! It may be a little fiddly to put on but definitely worth it in the end!

Whether it's the dogs bowl, the vase of flowers or the fresh cuppa there's often a risk of spillage in day to day life. These can easily be avoided with a bit of forward thinking! Get some coasters - Kallum is a nightmare for putting his drink on the floor when sat on the sofa - however, pointing him in the direction of a coated on the mantelpiece might just stop that unwanted spillage. Vases should be put up and out of the way, for example on a kitchen windowsill where nobody has to reach over etc. Just a bit of forward thinking can really change the hazards in the room and make your space a whole lot more safe.

Now, these were just a few at home risks, but there are certainly plenty to watch out for in everyday life. For example, how safe is your space at work?

Should a risk assessment not go to plan and you or someone you know suffer from an injury either at work or in a public place, there are always company's like Slater & Gordon on hand to help.

Don't forget, how safe is your space?

Disclaimer: Collaborative Post. All opinions and photographs are my own.


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