Sunday, 25 March 2018

* Career Choices for the Strong Minded

There are certain people who are suited for certain careers. You’ve got the caring people who are so suited for roles such as a nurse. You’ve got the energetic fitness fanatics that are obviously so suited for a role such as a fitness instructor. But then you’ve got the people who are strong minded. The ones that know what they want, like power, and like having plenty of things to do where their decisions are the ones being listened to. But what roles suit someone who is so strong minded? Well, there’s a variety of different ones you can choose from if you fall into this category, here is just a few of them.


Law is one of the best careers that we can suggest if you’re a strong minded person who can stick to their viewpoints, and someone who isn’t afraid to challenge others. There’s so many areas of law to go into, and so many great companies to work for such as Slater Heelis. Fear not if you’re considering going into this line of work later on in life, there’s still routes for you to go down that will see you feeling the buzz of law in no time. You do need a degree, so the best thing you can do is go back to part time education. It might be a big leap for some, but it is manageable. If you do a part time course in law at a college, then a degree at university, you’ll be qualified in no time.


This one is a little easier to organise, and you can most likely go for a job as a manager through the company you’re already working for. Being a manager means a lot of pressure, and a lot of quick decisions to make sure the shift runs smoothly and all tasks are completed. It takes someone who is very strong minded to deal with that pressure. First things first, you need to try and get to the point where your current managers think highly enough of you to be chosen for the role. It is going to take a lot of hard work previously, and it’ll often mean a little bit of brown nosing of the current managers. But once you’re in that position where your mind can be put to the test, it’ll be more than worth it. Plus, the salary of most manager roles is really good, so you’ll reap the rewards in this department as well.


Teaching is the perfect mixture for a person who is strong minded, but also really caring as well. You need to be strong minded as some of the students you’d come across would be really testing of your patience. They’ll talk over you, potentially mock you, and just generally not try hard in your classes. It takes someone so strong minded to persevere through this, but if you do the rewards are amazing. Knowing you’ve helped children get the education they need to have a successful future is more than worth it.

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