Thursday, 29 March 2018

* Say YES To Networking In Your New Career

There’s no sugar coating it; nobody enjoys networking. What could be worse than putting yourself up for scrutiny like this? You'll have to practice starting conversations, shaking sweaty palms, and schmoozing with the elite. Hardly most people’s idea of a good night.

But, when you’ve just stepped into a career, saying yes to networking is a crucial part of getting started. As much as you may want to say no and settle in for a night of Netflix, you MUST embrace these experiences. After all, your name is new and largely unknown. If you’re serious about this career path, you need to change that and fast. And, there’s no better way to do it than nestling down to networking. So, stock up on event-appropriate outfits like those found at and get ready to rumble. If you’re still thinking you would rather not, read on for proof of just what events like these could do for you.

Show Willing
At this stage, you want to make the best first impression possible. You’re probably sucking up in the office and doing all the coffee runs. While these things help you get ahead, none of them will be as effective as regular appearances at networking events. More than your long-term colleagues, you have a point to prove, and that point should be that you’re willing. What better way to get that across than to make time for after-work events? Though there’s no legal obligation, you can be sure it’ll work against you if you don’t at least show your face. You want to go there and make sure your boss notes your presence. It’s also worth saying hello to your colleagues. Knowing that you’re willing to go the extra mile could help them to start respecting you.

Getting Your Name Out There

Spending time talking to people out of the office is also the ideal way to get your name out there. This is especially crucial given that you’re just breaking into this career. In fact, impressing the right person on a night like this could lead to an on-the-spot job offer. Even if that doesn’t happen at the time, headhunters like those found at often ask respected professionals for recommendations. If your name is on the right lips, you may well get offered an even better position down the line.

Building Contacts

As well as getting your name out there, networking events are the ideal chance to build your contacts. In most fields, going far is all about knowing the right people. Having a list of names and numbers can undoubtedly help you out of a job-based sticky spot or two. In fact, failure to know the right people could make your life that bit harder. To avoid it, get your networking hat on and get out there. Win those professionals over with a gleaming smile, and an open attitude. In no time, you’ll find that people are willing to do you a favour or two when you’re in need.

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