The Kings Head - Beverley

Thursday, April 19, 2018

If you have been following my little blog for a while now you may have seen that I have done a few travel/foodie review posts over the years. Now I am in no way a food connoisseur nor am I a travel expert, however I do like to think that I provide a good honest review from an average women's point of view. That's why when I was contacted to review the restaurant at The Kings Head, Beverley, I jumped at the chance to go along and share the experience with you all. 

So, as I said, The Kings Head Bar/ Restaurant / Hotel is located in the stunning market town, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Whether it's a room you're looking for, a tasty meal or simply a drink, The Kings Head aim to go above and beyond in their home from home set up. I was blown away by the gorgeous d├ęcor inside and found, although it did feel a little luxe inside, I still felt comfortable. We were also very lucky to visit on a glorious day which was especially nice as we weren't sat too far from the window.

Grubs up! It's menu time. We were kindly offered wines, starters and hummus and bread all to which we politely declined - Kallum was driving and I'm not much of a drinker these days and we both wanted to save room for the mains. I also never like to feel cheeky when receiving something complimentary for review, however the offer was extremely generous and hospitality was exceptional.

What I will say is that The Kings Head have recently released a Spring Menu featuring 3 new starters, mains and desserts perfect for the warmer months. Unfortunately on our visit the Hake was unavailable and the other two Spring Mains were very Vegetarian, which is amazing of course but unfortunately not my usual choice. With this in mind we skipped the new Spring options for mains and selected the Ale Battered Fish and one of their Wood Fired Pizzas.

As you can see, both portions were very generous but equally delicious. Kallum thoroughly enjoyed his Fish and Chips and practically demolished the lot before I'd even taken a photo of mine!  (although the fish wasn't skinless so he did leave that bit behind)

I opted for the Prosciutto Ham and Caramelised Pineapple pizza which went down a treat but unfortunately I may have seemed a little wasteful as it was such an amazing portion! The chap didn't seem to mind though, and did offer that I take the remainder away if I wished.

Next up, dessert. The waiter personally recommended the Giant Profiterole which I knew was a new Spring addition however the word giant left my knees a little weak so I opted for another Spring addition which was the Pannacotta. Kallum isn't as adventurous with his food so went failsafe with the Chocolate Brownie and was not disappointed. The final Spring dessert option was the Lemon Meringue Pavlova which sounds divine!

The Chocolate Brownie was accompanied by a chocolate mousse and a scoop of vanilla pod ice cream. Presentation, as with everything, was amazing so hats of to the chef! Kallum said his favourite part was the chocolate mousse and I think he would have happily bought a portion of that on it's own!

My Pannacotta didn't disappoint either and I was especially fond of the raspberry sorbet which drew me to the dish in the first place! This was a delicious, light dessert option and I think it's a great addition to the Spring menu. The Pannacotta itself was really smooth and creamy yet the tang of the raspberries gave it a bit of something extra!

As I'm sure you can tell, Kallum and I found the whole experience really enjoyable, from the surroundings to the food. Although we skipped out the Spring Menu Starters and Mains, I would definitely say for anyone who likes the sound of them to give them a try! I'm also very aware The Kings Head also doubles up as a hotel which I'm sure would be to just the same high standard.

Our visit to The Kings Head, was absolutely exceptional and I would 100% recommend anyone to visit if they are in the area. The food, restaurant and surroundings were all of the highest quality and very little could take that away. 

Thank you to the owner of The Kings Head and the lady at the PR company for inviting us along for review purposes. This genuinely is an amazing little establishment!

Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored however, the food and drink shown were kindly paid for in return for a review. All opinions and photographs are my own.


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