Thursday, 17 May 2018

* Getting Through Hard Times With Someone You Love

Life can sometimes throw plenty at us. This might leave us feeling fatigued and worn out. It might even contribute to a negative state of mind. Luckily, with the right people around us, almost anything can be gotten over with time. It might be that you have a difficult job with a boss who doesn’t appreciate you. It might be that your finances have landed on hard times due to an investment going bad. It might even be that you have become estranged from certain members of your family.

Life has a strange way of bringing up odd circumstances, and what defines us is our response to them. Getting through these moments is infinitely easier when you have someone you love by your side. They will likely be there for you throughout this whole affair, and you for them. To further help you both support one another, consider the following:

Humour Helps

Consider the use of humour. Humour is something that can add lightness to any situation, a feeling of fun, to turn even the worst situations into something manageable. This is why soldiers are usually so witty and funny, as it helps them maintain through the stressful situations they experience in training and in war. Bringing this to your own life is worthwhile, but much harder when facing something alone. For good humour and laughs to flow, you need someone else with a similar mind-set to talk to. This also means being very open, and not being afraid to be silly and vulnerable. You’ll be surprised how much this inspires, motivates and relieves your stress.

Reliability Helps

It’s important to look out for each other. This means that when you say you’ll be somewhere at a certain time, you will. It means prioritizing one another, even over other things you might like to do or see. Sometimes staying reliable with one another can benefit you in other ways. For example, it might be that your routine wise financial handling after a bad investment might lead you to use your mutual credit to gain joint and couple loans, helping you take some of the bite out of the situation. This can help you achieve more favourable terms, and stick to the repayments more easily. Sometimes reliability is as simple as a quick lift here, taking care of menial tasks, or always being emotionally available. If you strive to be this person in the relationship, you will like have it reciprocated in kind.

Discipline Helps

The best part of having someone to rely on, and filling that role for someone else, is how disciplined you become. When you have someone next to you telling you that you need to get up at a certain time, or head to a certain place, or talk to a certain someone, you are much more likely to do it. This is because during hard times, we are much more likely to rationalize our behaviour and as a consequence become stuck in our own heads. When someone is relying on you however, you have a much better chance of finding discipline through emotion, and not as a painful self-sacrificing activity.

With these fantastic mind-sets, you will often find that getting through hard times through someone you love is a breeze compared to facing anything alone. Good luck!

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