Home Sweet (new) Home (ft. Paperless Post)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I'm hoping that now is a safe time to share the news because I physically cannot keep it in any longer but as the name of this post suggests - we bought a house! Now although I can't share too much with you - what I can say is we have been super lucky and managed to bag ourselves a gorgeous semi-detached 2 bed which is only a 10/15 minute drive from both our parents. We haven't told too many people past our close family but one thing I have noticed is that the main subject on everybody's mind is a housewarming party. As most people these days are glued to technology and with postage being extortionate, I was happy to have been introduced to Paperless Post recently. Keep reading to hear all about them!

So, as I've mentioned, Paperless Post is an online retailer which allows you to design, create and send invites, cards and flyers. Not only can you manage your stationary through them, but you can also manage your event, all in one place.

You can find a design for pretty much any occasion and if you can't - design your own! As scary as that sounds, their website makes it super easy with a different tab for every selection.

Once you have designed your stationary, it's time to get sending (while easily creating an event). The website asks you to fill in details of the recipients (nothing too fancy - name and email) as well as asking a few extra event questions. Then voila, your invitations will be sent and your event will be created. This means you will be able to keep track of who has said they'll be there and who you're still waiting to hear from! Another cool feature is that your guests can write comments on the event 'wall' - perfect for them to decide between themselves who is bringing the gin and who's bringing the lemonade!

All in all, I actually really enjoyed giving Paperless Post a try and will definitely be using it to send the real housewarming party invites! Although some people prefer real, put-on-the-mantle type invites, I think this is a really great idea for those tech savvy people. It's certainly a convenient way to keep on top of your event at just the touch of a button. The fact there's a design for everything is also one of my favourite parts - Halloween party? Cocktail Hour? It's there!

So basically, I am super excited about our new house and finding Paperless Post has been a lovely added bonus ready for our moving in journey!

What do you think of online invites? Would you ever give Paperless Post a try?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored however, some credits for Paperless Post were kindly sent for free/ in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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