We bought a house!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

As I mentioned briefly in this post, my Fiancé and I have recently purchased our first home and although I was unable to spill the beans then, tomorrow is our completion date so I think it's safe for me to shout it from the rooftops now! As you can see, we have bagged ourselves a gorgeous little 2 bed semi-detached with a drive and a garden and in all honesty, I tear up every time I think about it because it is literally everything I have always dreamed of, and more.

Anyone who knows me, outside of blogging, will know that I had a pretty rough upbringing, my 'sperm donor' (because he isn't worthy of a real title) is a waste of space and unfortunately mum and me had to move town to escape him. We lived with relatives, then in a council house and never really had much to call our own. Life got better when my Dad (Step dad to avoid any confusion, but Dad) came into our lives but because of this start in life, and 101 other reasons, this house literally means so much to me and I am beyond grateful.

I'd be lying if I said I made much of a contribution because honestly, Kallum has worked his absolute arse off to make sure we had the funds on time. It's been a long but drastic process and nothing about it has been easy but man will it be worth it. The large garden and extra bedroom means that one day we could actually have a little family (one step at a time though) and for now us and the animals will be so content.

As it's a new build and the 'estate' is so large they're actually building in sections and we are the last house on the first section. This means, for a while, we will be literally living on a building site but we will be one of about 8 houses which will have already moved in so it's good to know we're not alone.

So, there's my quick update. In terms of content, I feel like it may turn into a bit of a home blog for a short while so apologies if that's not your thing. Definitely stay tuned for a house tour and some finished room tours but if you have any other blog post requests (house related or not) then please do let me know!

Disclaimer: All opinions and photographs are my own. Quick note, not saying there is anything wrong with council houses, it's just amazing to be able to have something to call our own.


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