Getting Sentimental with Charm Bracelets

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm huge on sentimental value. When we moved recently I had to condense my memory boxes because I had about 4 boxes full to the brim! That's why it makes perfect sense that sentimental jewellery is literally all that I wear. 

Charm bracelet - A charm bracelet is an item of jewellery worn around the wrist. It carries personal jewelled, memories or "charms": decorative pendants or trinkets which signify important things in the wearer's life.

Charm bracelets are a really good idea as you can personalise them any way you want. They usually start as a plain bracelet/bangle and the charms are bought individually. These are especially good as you can buy charms that signify certain life achievements/occasions which make them an extra special gift to or from a loved one. As they have become so popular over the years, they are now available from numerous brands in all different price ranges - from Nomination to Pandora (which I mention further down), as well as many others, such as Kigu of London who also sell some gorgeous charm bracelets in a couple of different styles (& the charms too!)

I own a couple of charm bracelets now but I have to say my favourite by far is my Thomas Sabo. It may not be the fullest but it holds the most sentimental value as is it one of the last gifts my Grandad bought me, before he passed. It was actually a surprise gift for my 21st Birthday which makes it even more special to me and I know it's a gift that I can keep forever. That right there, is why I love charm bracelets so much.

Another I have is a Nomination bracelet which is the one I have owned the longest so is full of charms, all relating to a different, momentous occasion in my life. For example: I have a birthstone charm (Amethyst) given by my school friends about 7 years ago, I also have a little car from when I first started driving! I love the fact that I can look at my wrist and remember the best days!

So whether you are looking to treat yourself or are looking to buy someone a really meaningful gift, I would say a charm bracelet is a really lovely idea.

Do you have a charm bracelet? If so, what's your favourite brand?

Disclaimer: Collaborative Post. All opinions and photographs are my own.


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